EP Review: Osiah – Chronos

EP Review: Osiah - Chronos
Reviewed by Liam Barlow

I’ve been following Deathcore kings Osiah for around 6/7 years now, had them perform for me, supported them in my old band, been to see them on many of their own shows, but their latest EP 'Chronos' is by far the most complete piece of work ive heard by them to date.

The EP sends us on a submergent journey of powerful slams, huge riffs and Ricky’s quite frankly ridiculous range of vocal style. They blend the deathcore style so well, that this new EP could possibly be the most torturous barrage of filth the UK has produced in recent years.

Osiah boast an arsenal of unstable tempo changes throughout 'Chronos' enough to make any budding music listener feel uneasy, not quite knowing whats going to come next. With the question hanging over parts - is it over? No, it’s just come back heavier and slower…

As you journey through the dirty guitar tones and evil vocals of this collection of music, you understand why this band are being chosen to go on huge tours of America, albeit the Vulvodynia US dates have unfortunately been postponed, you can understand why they are with Unique Leader Records and are attracting these massive shows!

EP Review: Osiah - Chronos

LossThe five tracks of 'Chronos' really are a testament to where Osiah are now as a band, on the concluding track 'Hues Refract' you are even treated to the tamer side of what the band can do, and I believe we peek into the future of where this band will be heading, as Ricky once again shows off his extreme vocal range.

Being a fan of this style of music and band, I implore all of you, whether you are accustomed to deathcore or not, but enjoy the horribly brutal side of metal, to check this EP out on its release, you won’t be disappointed by the range of the five tracks, and the quality of production and style.

'Chronos' is the band's first EP since their debut release in 2015 with 'Reborn Through Hate'. Osiah released their first full-length album 'Terror Firma' in 2016 via Siege Music, the result led to the band signing to Unique Leader Records in 2018 and released their sophomore 'Kingdom of Lies' in 2019, followed by 'Loss' in 2021.

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