Live Review: Municipal Waste – Birmingham

Municipal Waste

Live Review: Municipal Waste - Birmingham
Review by Neil Brannagan-Fuller

The Municipal Waste boys have brought a pretty sizeable raiding party to the U.K. to raise some havoc up and down the country. Tonight was gig number five in the run, but the first in the U.K. and the locals turned out in force to support a Tuesday night in the Asylum.

First band to take the stage is Death Metal band Skeletal Remains, and Midlanders know a fair bit about Old School Death Metal, and these guys didn’t disappoint. With a thirty minute set of fresh sounding beats, riffs and growls getting the already busy crowd in the mood for some fun!

Municipal Waster 2019 Tour

Second band up, are Swedish speed metal masters Enforcer, with a sound and squeal of early Exciter and Anvil, with a twist of glam metal all with a modern take, they looked slightly out of place amongst the Brummie Moshers, but played an enjoyable set that wormed its way into the neck of even the staunchest thrasher!

Joel Grinds Toxic Holocaust took to the stage next, with a blistering set, as only a three piece there’s a lot to do up on stage, but as well as being a bit of a musical prodigy, Joel’s also learnt his stage craft and delivered a great selection of songs from latest album Primal Future, and further into the back catalogue, with the audience right along with him for the ride!

And finally, the main event, Thrashers Municipal Waste really know how to put on a show, taking tracks from throughout the bands history, frontman Tony has the crowd in his hands, inciting some good natured bad behaviour from the crowd, and really making sure security earns its keep. crowd surfing, bar diving, circle pits, headbanging like a maniac, lead singer shoving the microphone in your face.. yeah all of that and much more! Every track felt like a fan favourite and Municipal Waste proved once again that they are the masters at what they do!

This was one of our thrash gigs of the year, so go catch them on tour, they’re playing Glasgow, Belfast, Manchester, Leeds and London over the next week, before returning to Europe to finish the tour in a Germany.

Phot credits: Tim Finch Photography

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