Interview: Violblast

January 14, 2020 Tim Finch 0

Interview: Violblast Interviewer: Tim Finch Not heard of Violblast before? Well you soon will have. The Spanish thrash metal outfit played Bloodstock Open Air Festival […]

Mass Worship

Interview: Mass Worship

December 17, 2019 Deegan Armitage 0

Interview: Mass Worship Interviewer: Deegan Armitage Not heard of Mass Worship before? Well you soon will have. The Scandinavian extreme metal outfit have just released […]


Interview: Jinjer

December 3, 2019 Tim Finch 0

Interview: Jinjer Interviewer: Tim Finch Ukranians Jinjer are the rising stars of the metal scene. They are making waves and growing a massive following. As […]


Interview: THICKO

November 28, 2019 Tim Finch 0

Interview: Thicko Interviewer: Tim Finch Thicko have sprung onto the scene with a strong message about the state of the UK at the moment. As […]

Hideous Divinity

Interview: Hideous Divinity

November 21, 2019 Tim Finch 0

Interview: Hideous Divinity Interviewer: Tim Finch Hideous Divinity have just released their forth studio album, Simulacrum, via Century Media Records. It’s their first release on […]


Interview: Unburier

October 23, 2019 Tim Finch 0

Interview: Unburier Interviewer: Tim Finch Unburier are rapidly rising stars on the southern UK metal scene, the young thrashers are causing quite a stir. So […]

Dawn Ray'd

Interview: Dawn Ray’d

October 17, 2019 Robbie Maguire 0

Interview: Dawn Ray’d Interviewer: Robbie Maguire Dawn Ray’d release their new album ‘Behold Sedition Plainsong’ at the end of October. Robbie sat down with Simon […]