Album Review: Mondo Generator – Shooters Bible

Album Review: Mondo Generator - Shooters Bible
Reviewed by Paul Hutchings

Lost allegedly back in 2010, ‘Shooters Bible’ is the rediscovered album from Mondo Generator whose release follows rapidly on the heels of new album ‘Fuck It’. This album, placed in time just before 2012’s ‘Hell Comes to Your Heart’, contains everything you’d expect from an album predominantly crafted and created by Nick Oliveri, who with no guitarist at the time subsequently contributed all guitars and bass as well as his usual ferocious and explosive vocals. 13 songs, 39 minutes and all punchy punk stoner rock that hit hard but don’t hang around. ‘Shooters Bible’ includes a cover of Iggy Pop’s ‘Dog Food’ featuring Dave Grohl on drums, and it’s a riotous rampage from start to finish.

There’s the careering rollercoaster of opening track ‘Dead Silence’, with Oliveri’s volatile vocals threatening to explode at any moment. I saw a quote that referred to Oliveri as always being on the verge of ripping his throat out with the voracity of his delivery, and that may well be the definitive description here. ‘Burn a Bridge’ jangles with loose guitar work and a thumping drum beat to drive it forward. Then there is the full-on Central Nervous System High (School), “got me jumping out of my skin, let the destruction begin” Oliveri hollers as the track eases back before hitting self-destruct, a sweet stoner solo emitting clearly through the chaos.

Album Review: Mondo Generator – Shooters Bible

‘We Are Mondo Generator’ shapes nicely as an anthem, pulsating bass lines throb as harsh guitar scratches away. ‘Dog Food’, originally released in 1980 by Iggy Pop is faster, angrier and nastier than the almost surreal original, Grohl’s drums with effortless ease, the song accelerating to a chaotic climax. By the time we reach ‘The Last Train’, a tub-thumping track with QOTSA undertones, the only question left is why this album has now been released.

Recorded in the main at Meth Lab Studios in Salton Sea, California by Rex Everything, the drums were taped at Pink Castle in Eagle Rock by Brad Cook (except for ‘Dog Food’). With 11 of the 13 songs re-recorded on Hell Comes to Your Heart, albeit with slightly edited titles and arrangements, Shooters Bible could be viewed as one for the super fan only. It certainly captures the spirit of the band and Oliveri and a decade later provides another snapshot of a band who rarely shed the raw spirit.

Shooters Bible is released on Heavy Psych Records on 28th February

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