Album Review: Suicide Silence – Become The Hunter

Album Review: Suicide Silence - Become The Hunter

Album Review: Suicide Silence - Become The Hunter
Reviewed by Neil Bolton

To my shame this is my first experience of this band, and for a band who’s 6th album is my first, I must admit I must do better. This is a band that have had loss and controversy in their past and I am sure they have molded these experiences into their music. But we are about the music; so with the music we shall stay.

Although completely contravening the above statement I would like to comment on the eye-catching album cover. I like it, a nice bit of the macabre.

Album Review: Suicide Silence - Become The Hunter

Track one - An obvious live show intro, along with a riffy beginning to this album. To accompany this track Suicide Silence have released what could be called an album teaser video. Filmed in a horror theme that seems to complement their style well.  'Two Steps' the second track starts; growling vocals, high screaming vocals, slow almost complete stop breakdown followed by a breakdown, and a widdley, widdley guitar solo. Box checking exercise for Deathcore complete.

'Feel Alive' has a riff and vocal accompaniment that will have live shows moving in mass to this band’s music. Growls and a widdley solo, keeps the listener in the same zone, until we get to the breakdown again. 'Love Me to Death' blasts off in the same way, feels slightly slower and displays a little of the Meshuggah influence the boys are apparently known for occasionally showing. 'In Hiding' begins with a deep breath and scream. And we are in the same fan pleasing realm as the earlier tracks.

This Californian band seem to know exactly what kind of album they want to create with this release, and therefore it goes without saying that if deathcore is your bag, then Suicide Silences’s ‘Become the Hunter’ will also be your bag. I believe earlier releases from these guys did not please fans. I can only assume this album is an attempt to appease those lost fans.

An album that checks all the genre’s tick-boxes is not a bad thing at all. A quick look into their live videos also shows they know how to work their fans into a frenzy. Not a bad combination really.


'Become The Hunter' is out on February 14 on Nuclear Blast.

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