Album Review: Karobela – Karobela

Album Review: Karobela - Karobela

Album Review: Karobela - Karobela
Reviewed by Dan Barnes

Karobela’s new EP is a six-track showcase of what the band are capable; a merging of influences as diverse as Queen and Fleetwood Mac to No Doubt and The Pretty Reckless. There are few times on this E.P. that you could accurately label Karobela in any single musical genre and this is a great situation for the band to find themselves. From the pop sensibilities of 'Candy' to the straight-ahead rocker of 'No Mercy', everything is infused with a punk attitude.

Album Review: Karobela - Karobela

Even the Elbow-heavy opening to lead single 'Liquor Heart', with its foot-stomping, pulsing bass beats and – if you’ll pardon the expression – infectious grooves, is a track that once it grabs you you’ll be tapping your foot long with the unstoppable drum.

Clocking in at a mere twenty-minutes, Karobela have produced a collection of songs designed to lodge themselves into the listeners brain and not to let go. Every track is filled with big hooks and danceable melodies, with the most rocking songs, 'Good Luck Trying' and 'No Mercy', channelling Lzzy Hale through a series of awesome vocal performances.

To finish the record Karobela revisit 'Candy', but this time as a lounge piece, complete with laconic piano and laid-back guitar. For all its chill-out vibe, 'Candy (Unwrapped)' still contains enough bite to not be out of place on the records of Louise Distras or Laura Catlow.

Smart and catchy and just a little bit dangerous, Karobela have produced a very fine EP indeed.

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