Album Review: Perveration – Perversion In Manifest Disease

Album Review: Perveration - Perversion In Manifest Disease
Reviewed by Daniel Phipps

Indonesian brutal death metal, these 4 words when muttered will cause a smile to appear right pretty much instantly onto my face. The country has been one of the leaders in producing downright nasty releases over the years bands like Reduced, Jasad & Gore Infamous have been leaders in delivering gut punching savage brutality whilst flying the flag for the South East Asian country and Perveration are here to throw their hat into the ring with their full length album, Perversion in Manifest Disease, which follows on from the bands 2 track promo released in 2020.

Perversion in Manifest Disease does not come in attacking, the duo of multi-instrumentalist Sahrul Ramadhan who handles all music duties on the album and vocalist Jossick open with a more mid paced start to the record with the bands gruesome slamming death metal being the first thing brought to the front to grab the listeners attention. Now personally I am more of a fan of a faster up tempo start to a record and saving the slower numbers later, that being said these mid paced slams don’t last long as Perveration move quickly into providing a good old fashioned brutal death metal battering. The albums second track Inject, Pleasure and Suffocation comes through and grabs your attention with an instantly more upbeat and aggressive offering, this track would have served as a much better opening to Perversion in Manifest Disease than it’s more slammy counterpart, it brings a barrage of savage brutal blasts which really kicks the track up a notch in the technicality and song writing columns.

Album Review: Perveration - Perversion In Manifest Disease

Perveration do take time to get into full swing, and the record picks up the writing quality towards the back end. Preserved Agony and Erotic Disease display a far more aggressive energy, and I have no doubt that this energy highlights the bands pummelling slamming riffs and gives them the contrast to really stand out within those tracks where they had a tendency of being a bit lost within some of the earlier tracks on the album due to the lack of that aggression.

Perversion in Manifest Disease has its moments for sure and those moments are definitely enjoyable, and you would expect that as this band matures, they build on these on future releases. Perveration have the talent, they have backing of a powerhouse like Comatose in their corner and this record is just the first step in becoming a jewel in the Indonesian Death Metal crown.

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