Album Review: Lord Elephant – Cosmic Awakening

Album Review: Lord Elephant - Cosmic Awakening
Reviewed by Neil Bolton

Lord Elephant have chosen to take their time with this release; they have been active since (approximately) 2016, and this album was recorded late in 2021.

Obviously, this psychedelic stoner rock trio from France have no intention of rushing things just for the sake of it, and the tone and feel of the first track 'Cosmic Awakening Pt. 1 - Forsaken Slumber' demonstrates this fact perfectly. It is calm, trippy, but ultimately cool.

As with all the tracks on this album, this is an instrumental number. A lot of bands attempt to punch you in the face or stomach with the first track of an album - not Lord Elephant. They call you to find a comfortable chair, darken the lights, adjust your belt buckle and just exist. Exist in the moment with the spacey guitar massaging the soul of the listener.

Once 'Pt 2 First Radiation' comes around, the heavy riff shakes you from your slumber and you’re alert and sharp once more. We now have a more heavy feel going on, the thick powerful riff makes its point. Not content with just killer riffs, guitar player Leandro Gaccione shows off his soloing qualities, while Edoardo De Nardi bounces around on the bass guitar with subtle skill and flair.

Album Review: Lord Elephant – Cosmic Awakening

Heavy metal riffs mix well with a bluesy feel, especially in tunes like 'Raktabija'. This talent for the heavy is obviously born out of a love of the heavy metal scene, and the love is more than just a passing phase.

Deep bluesy bass rumbles sit underneath more soloing guitar work on 'Stellar Cloud' and drummer Tommaso Urzino enjoys showing his prowess on the kit. Clever jazzy shuffles and powerful drum strikes pepper this track, and album.

As mentioned all tracks on this album are instrumental and none seem to suffer from the lack of a vocal centre. The entertaining, artful song writing along side the proficiency of the musicians makes this a very enjoyable listen.

Whether you listen wrapped in a leather chair in a dimly lit room through head phones as the first track seems to demand, or through a powerful sound system loud enough to entertain the neighbours and the dead, as the later tracks suggest, enjoyment will be achieved, and what other goal is there to be had.

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