Lords of Ruin Track By Track Run Down of ‘Coda Revival’ EP

Lords of Ruin Track By Track Run Down of 'Coda Revival' EP

Hotly tipped Brit quintet LORDS OF RUIN continue to climb backed by the release of their sophomore EP, Coda Revival, which is out on Friday 24th November. With this in mind, we exclusively spoke to the band and asked them to give us this unique track by track breakdown of the EP:


A classic LOR tune that has been a mainstay on the setlist since gig one and our current live opener due to its anticipating intro build up. The main riff was written by guitarist Stones during some of the first band sessions and the rest of the guys added their own elements to it. This didn’t make it onto our first E.P. Ruin Within because we just didn’t think it fit with the other songs chosen at the time, but it’s a song that needed to be recorded sometime.

Funnily enough, the song isn’t about a bulldozer at all. It was a working title based on the crushing intro riff which just stuck. Nevertheless, the name is still very fitting due to the crushing intro and outro leaving listeners feeling like a you-know-what has just blasted through the place. It probably has the best sounding chorus on the entire E.P. Singer Dox absolutely nailed it in the studio and the added harmonies took it to that next level.

Every release needs to have a song on the softer side, and this is ours. By no means is it a ballad, but instead a thought-provoking journey depicting many emotions brought on during a time of struggle or worry. It made sense to release this as a single alongside Broken Dreams to show our range and appeal to those who prefer a bit of mellow.

One of the newest tunes from us which takes inspiration from the heavier side of the metal world. The instrumental demo was written by bass player Liam and lyrics written by singer Dox. Some parts were still being worked out during recording sessions, but it resulted in a much more varied and genuine sound. It didn’t take long for this one to be thrust straight onto the live set and was an easy candidate for our first single.”

Lords of Ruins Track By Track Run Down of ‘Coda Revival’ EP

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