Album Review: Dungeon Crawl / Throne of Iron – The Side Quest

Album Review: Dungeon Crawl / Throne of Iron - The Side Quest
Reviewed by Carl Black

Enter the realms of thrash intrepid music fan, your quest is about to begin. Decisions and choices must be made for this review. To read about Indianna’s Throne of Iron scroll down to P232, to read about San Francisco’s Dungeon Crawl, scroll to P94.

P50/ When you venture into thrash metal, you properly know that you have eliminated a vast amount of metal fans and that your music will only appeal to a relatively small niche of people, add Role Play Games as a theme and you've halved the amount again. Turn to P400.

P94/ Three songs and an intro greet you as you press play, Dungeon Crawl starts with a sythwave intro, lose one stamina point. To go back to Throne of Iron, scroll to P232, to continue with Dungeon Crawl scroll to P334

Album Review: Dungeon Crawl / Throne of Iron - The Side Quest

P232/ Throne of Iron brings the D&D theme to life. They have a more traditional sound, lots of metal riffs, maintained and consistent double bass drumming and a much darker feel. One skill point off for a use of profanity. But the music is a good contrast against the Brother in Arms of this split. Lurking out of the pit is a stoned doom merchant who locks eyes with you and begins to wax lyrical about St. Vitus. You must battle this metal bore, If you win turn to P50 if you lose the quest and review is over.

P294/ If you now want to explore Throne of Iron, turn to P232 if you have done so already, turn to /P50.

P334/ After the intro we get straight down to thrash business. Very little to carry the D&D theme, The riffs are harsh, the singing is spat out with verbal daggers and the tempo is fast. It's more South American thrash than Bay Area thrash. They venture into some Thrash N Roll by the end of their songs. You suddenly encounter an old school thrasher who says to you “I remember thrash back in the day, Metallica sold out after the “No Life Till Leather” Demo”. To battle this gatekeeper, roll your dice. If you defeat this relic turn to P294 if you lose, your quest and review has ended.

P400/ You have battled well, and emerged with two great, but different, thrash metal bands in your provisions bag. Loved by the many who emerge themselves in the Games Workshop sub culture every weekend, ignored by the mass hordes. Their loss, The underground wins. Your quest is about to begin…

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