Album Review: Suicide Silence – Remember…You Must Die

Album Review: Suicide Silence - Remember…You Must Die
Reviewed by Liam True

Three years since their last album release, worldwide tours and five singles deep, Suicide Silence have finally dropped their eagerly awaited seventh album. The singles that have been released have been furious and heavy and are going back to the older sound they had in The Black Crown era of the band. But has the rest of the album followed suit and lived up to expectation?

Opening with a horror themed atmospheric build up, Remember... pulls you closer as the track ends with a guitar squeal as You Must Die launches into the blast beat guitar combination that the band are best known for. Ernie Iniguez blasts furiously as his drumming has significantly doubled in speed and skill since Becoming the Hunter 3 years prior. The hellish vocals of Hernan ‘Eddie’ Hermida are more powerful as his growls and high shrieks pierce you throughout the track while riff masters Chris Garza & Mark Heylmun, with signature pitch harmonics is tow, plough through the song with build ups and slams aplenty. Capable Of Violence (N.F.W.) is as extreme in terms of heaviness but is a slower song in some areas which helps to enhances the tracks raw power the band have harnessed.

Album Review: Suicide Silence - Remember…You Must Die

I could track by track the entire album for you but there really is no point because it would be me just praising every song individually. But as an entire cohesive album from front to back, it’s perfect. It’s the perfect Suicide Silence record. No cleans. As many riffs as you can shake a stick at and enough blast beats to blow you away ten-fold. And with the addition of Fucked for Life the band sail themselves into hardcore territory for the first time and nail it on the head sounding better than most bands in that scene right now.

From start to finish across the 40-minute run time you’re treated to the best Suicide Silence album since The Black Crown. It’s powerful, heavy and just full on in your face deathcore to the highest degree with each band member firing on all cylinders and have honed their craft to create magic on each of their respected instruments.

The production is perfect, and that snare sounds beautiful throughout. I’m going to make a bold statement which many of you may not agree with, but it’s the heaviest album they’ve done. Heavier than The Cleansing and it puts The Black Crown to shame in terms on how hard the album stands against them. Is it better? Not quite but in answer to my question at the start, the band has surpassed all expectations and have created an almost perfect deathcore record since the genre’s conception.

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