Album Review: Crepitation – Monstrous Eruption of Impetuous Preposterosity

Psychological Evaluation – Dr Patrick O’Reilly

Subject Name: Crepitation
Subject D.O.B: 2005
Subject Diagnosis: Monstrous Eruption of Impetuous Preposterosity


I first encountered this patient in a public setting where they displayed reckless and bizarre behaviours. My initial response was one of shock and revulsion, but I feel a strange desire to further investigate the mental state of this subject and have been referred to new recordings made available by an Australian physician Vicious Instinct Recordings.

Upon initial listening to the recordings professionally I am very worried about this group of individuals. There seems to be a lot going on and I suspect that ADHD, an infatuation with toilet humour and some kind of mania are all at work here.

The recordings are fast paced flitting through various styles and concepts to an almost schizophrenic degree. This is the work of multiple disturbed personalities.

Strange vocalisations seem to signify Tourette’s syndrome though this doesn’t account for the low guttural animal growls or the distressing high pitched whines that sound like the patient has inhaled a whistle and has it stuck in their airway.

Album Review: Crepitation - Monstrous Eruption of Impetuous Preposterosity

Rhythmic pounding is present throughout, it seems like deranged tapping and hammering but is also remarkably well timed and almost superhumanly rapid.

Other strange noises on the recording seem to be low frequency vibrations and higher end, sounding like somebody having a violent and prolonged episode of psychotic rage in a music shop. Kind of like if prog band ‘Yes’ were to overdose on PCP and decide to play their songs at 8x their normal speed, all whilst downtuned a number of steps and with somebody screaming over the top of it whilst another person grunts, growls and pig squeals.

I must testify to the very high quality of the recording, every single member of the group’s contributions are all captured with great fidelity and are all clear to the ear.

It is impossible to make a final diagnosis and so I will make future listens of the recording a regularity. I refer to you as specialists in the field of this extreme nature to make your own opinions of the recordings. A certain morbid enjoyment is to be had by listening as it shows the depths of insanity that man can descend into. It is a fascinating case study and one that marks these individuals as ones to watch out for in future. If seen in a live setting the madness could become contagious resulting in violent and crazed behaviour by anybody witnessing it so be prepared for this… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


* Note for medical secretary – Please file this alongside the following patient records:


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