Album Review: Deitus – Irreversible

Album Review: Deitus - Irreversible
Reviewed by Rick Eaglestone

After 4 years away, Deitus return with their third album “Irreversible”.

Right from the outset the level of foreboding is palpable, ‘Incursion’ is instrumental piece that interweaves with a menacing presence into the rabid eight-and-a-half-minute opus aptly named ‘Straight for Your Throat’ which is unrelenting for its entire duration.

‘Scar for Serenity’ continues the same path but differs with hypnotising guitar tones and solos and this track in particular shows the bands non compromise attitude regarding approach and delivery. This is something that has also been apparent on previous releases but now with the backing of esteemed label such as Candlelight who now also include Abduction on their roster Deitus have instantly through their musicianship showed the this was a justified move.

Title track ‘Irreversible’ is truly this albums glory, it’s thunderous drums, feral vocals & again just wonderful guitar tones alone would sell it but beforehand I did dig out the previous two releases and the growth as band in that time in between pours out through this record but none so much as it does here, the solos on this are also goosebump inducing. This is truly a do not disturb album for sure.

Album Review: Deitus - Irreversible

Exploring more melodic tones and haunting melodies ‘Voyeur’ lingers in doom territory with the bands first ever collaborative track, which is an exploration of guest vocalists Toni Coe – Brooker’s who hauntingly channels her childhood trauma of Nyctophobia which alongside the accompanying cinematic video conveys the emotion turmoil of something she still suffers from today.

The album concludes with ethereal driven ‘As Long as They Fear’ which has a gothic heartbeat at its core, the sweeping guitar tones are reminiscent and vocal delivery are reminiscent of Amorphis’s “Tales From The Thousand Lakes” but Deitus haven’t quite shaken off their savage nature as the closing parts are one clear of Indication of a dominant force that has only just truly started its path of destruction.

“Irreversible” is certainly and album that takes you on an emotional journey with cinematic soundscapes and bold intentions and frankly there was not a single part of this album that did not command my attention.

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