Bloodstock Bound: Dystopian Sun

Bloodstock Bound: Dystopian Sun

As Bloodstock gets closer, we delve deep into the line up to find out more about some of the bands playing the New Blood and Jägermeister stages at this years event.

Today we chat with Dystopian Sun!

The Razor's Edge: Please introduce yourself and your band mates.

Dystopian Sun: We have Jac on Vocals, Rhys on Drums, Reece on the Guitar, Alwyn on Lead Guitar, and Aden on Bass. Together we make up the unstoppable (hopefully) 5-piece band, Dystopian Sun!

The Razor's Edge: How would you describe your style of metal?

Dystopian Sun: We all tend to agree that we fit somewhere within the deathcore genre, but we also throw in a healthy mix of Death Metal, Metalcore and Heavy Rock amongst our varied discographies. A nice balance of fast and aggressive with slow and brutal breakdowns accompanied by some catchy, bouncy riffs.

The Razor's Edge: How did you land your spot on the Bloodstock bill?

Dystopian Sun: We managed to land our place on Bloodstocks bill through the Metal To The Masses competition in the North Wales region that was held at XS Wrexham.

The Razor's Edge: How tough was the competition this year?

Dystopian Sun: The competition in our region of M2TM was fierce, to say the least. There were so many good bands and fantastic people competing. We were up against the likes of Aleya, Omega Throne and Making Blind Eyes See to name a few. Each of them crushed it and we were so hyped to come out on top. Nothing like a bit of top-tier competition to get the blood pumping. It was an absolute pleasure to share the stage with all the bands present in the M2TM competition. We are certain that if you keep an ear tuned in, you will hear some huge things coming out of the North Wales scene.

The Razor's Edge: What does playing at Bloodstock mean to you?

Dystopian Sun: The sight of our name up there on the poster with some of the world’s biggest bands is insane. Bloodstock means everything to us as a band and as individuals. Since we were young, we all watched bands on Kerrang or Scuzz and dreamed of writing and performing just like them. We all have an understanding that music is something that if given the opportunity we would like to do for the rest of our lives. Bloodstock is giving us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join their line-up and hopefully make connections that will send the band further than we could have ever hoped. We are still letting the news sink in but will hopefully use Bloodstock to our Advantage. It is a new chapter in our careers.

The Razor's Edge: For people who’ve never seen you live, what can they expect at Bloodstock?

Dystopian Sun: We play every show like it is our last. The people watching us at Bloodstock may expect a high-octane, eclectic display from 5 guys doing what they do best, throwing down some hard-hitting heavy riffs with monstrous drums and insane lead lines with vocals so demonic you will think you have arrived at the gates of hell to greet the devil himself.

Bloodstock Bound: Dystopian Sun

The Razor's Edge: What day are you performing?

Dystopian Sun: We are hitting up the New Blood stage on the Sunday of the festival.

The Razor's Edge: What other bands are you looking forward to watching at Bloodstock this year?

Dystopian Sun: We are looking forward to catching a lot of the bands on the New Blood stage to see what the UK’s new wave of bands has to offer. Other than this the band is looking forward to catching; In Flames, Killswitch Engage, Heaven Shall Burn, Fit For An Autopsy, Meshuggah, Knocked Loose, Sepultura, Overthrone, King810, Invisions, Embodiment and Decapitated.

The Razor's Edge: Playing the New Blood Stage is just the first stepping stone in a bands journey. What’s next in your plans for world domination?

Dystopian Sun: Just that… World Domination! Jokes aside, we would like to use Bloodstock as an opportunity to market ourselves as best as possible, make lasting connections within the industry and try to wriggle our way onto the festival next year playing a better slot and hopefully branching out to some other festivals. We have already booked more gigs this year than we could have ever hoped to. We want to keep moving onwards and upwards. Who knows... maybe one day we will headline a festival such as the mighty Bloodstock.

The Razor's Edge: Are you camping with the fans? Which campsite are you heading for?

Dystopian Sun: For this one we will be staying at the artist campsite, to make the most of the opportunity and the professionals within its proximity. Although we will be enjoying the festival during the day with friends, family, and fans.

The Razor's Edge: You’ve gotta keep hydrated at Bloodstock, what is your drink of choice for the weekend?

Dystopian Sun: To start this off Water and Coffee, are the absolute essentials. For the band though, this is probably the most difficult question. 2 of the band members don’t drink alcohol at all, so one will likely be drinking endless cans of Monster Energy and consuming enough snacks to power a small sun whilst the other will probably ride it out on some good ol’ H2O whilst waiting to see if the festival has alcohol free ciders. The rest of us however will be a mixture between Beer, Rum, Whiskey or Cider - In short anything with alcohol.

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