Album Review: Cobra Spell – 666

Album Review: Cobra Spell - 666
Reviewed by Richard Oliver

“666” is the debut full length album from Netherlands retro rockers Cobra Spell. It follow two very well received E.P.’s - “Love Venom” in 2020 and “Anthems Of The Night” in 2022. Considering the band has only been in formation since 2019, it has been a turbulent few years with a revolving door of band members with only guitarist Sonia Anubis (formerly of Burning Witches and Crypta) being the sole constant member. Will “666” herald a new stable age for the band?

Much like the preceding E.P.’s, “666” is a throwback to the 1980’s with a sound that mixes classic hard rock, traditional heavy metal and glam metal but this time round there is more emphasis on the hard rock and glam elements of the band’s sound and a scaling back of the more metal sound. Songs such as ‘S.E.X.’, ‘Satan Is A Woman’ and ‘Bad Girl Crew’ are ripe with that sleaze era influence and positively drip with that Sunset Strip glam sound though the trad metal sound does come to the fore in songs such as ‘The Devil Inside Of Me’, ‘Love Crime’ and ‘Warrior From Hell’.

Album Review: Cobra Spell - 666

The 80’s sound is really prevalent in the various intros and interludes throughout the album which utilise that wonderful synth sound but it is also used effectively in the insanely catchy “Love=Love” which also has the inclusion of a saxophone solo. The band put in phenomenal performances with the stand outs being the incredible guitar work from Sonia Anubis and Noelle dos Santos as well as the powerhouse vocals from singer Kristina Vega. The album is also immaculately produced and mixed with an old school influenced sound especially in the drums which have that 80’s reverb to them.

The more metal leaning songs on the two E.P.’s were the standouts for me so when it came to a full length album I was hoping for more of that and whilst the predominantly hard rock and glam sound was initially disappointing I can’t deny the quality of the songs on “666” which continue to grow on me with each subsequent listen. It is very much an 80’s sleaze album but from a feminine point of view with the typically sleazy lyrical themes given a twist. These are big poppy anthems which hark back to the mid 1980’s and will appeal to any fan of this sound.

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