DEVIL’S ISLAND featuring The Haptics

DEVIL'S ISLAND featuring The Haptics

Welcome to this weeks edition of Devil's Island! Every week we maroon a band or artist on the island and see what they get up to, how they cope with being all alone on a small island in the middle of the ocean. It's not your average desert island and we'll see just how each person copes with the extreme conditions.

This week when we arrived at Devil's Island we find The Haptics sat on the beach. The island is far from their home, so how did they end up here and how did they cope with life on Devil's Island? 

Find out now...    

Welcome to The Razors'e Edge and our somewhat lovely, warm desert island. Don't worry about it's name I'm sure it's not as bad as that would suggest. 

You're marooned here on this island, but before you ended up shipwrecked you chose one album that you couldn't live without. Which album did you each chose and why?

Jin: Depeche Mode’s “The Singles 81→85” because I never get sick of it and 'Shake the Disease' always jams.

Cam: I’m gonna say Prince's 'Graffiti Bridge' it’s got a whole lotta different flavours going, Prince’s guitar playing is sooo sweet, and after a few plays you’d just have to embrace 'Joy in Repetition' ( rack # 8)

Brent: Definitely 'Unknown Pleasures' by Joy Division. I grew up on Peter Hook’s unique bass sound!

Just behind that palm tree is a shack for each of you to stay in, with enough space for you to put up a poster on the wall of one album cover. What album cover do you each chose?

Jin: I’d probably go for Sex Pistols 'Nevermind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols' since that art is sorta cheery and would remind me to not get upset over the inevitable bantering and jiving that comes with stranded island living.

Cam: 'LA Di Da Di' by Battles. All that lovely breakfast food to help me get through the long hungry days.

Brent: The Cure 'Pornography'. The album cover is a simple concept that fits so well with the music.

There's also a bar on this here island. But alas each of you only get to choose one drink for the entirety of your stay. What's your tipple of choice?

Jin: Vodka Redbull, hands down.

Cam: Only one? Hmm...well I think a desert island would make me very thirsty... can’t go wrong with the the standard beer! Also I’d try and steal Jins vodka Redbull when she wasn’t looking

Brent: Gotta be the negronis, can’t get enough with of those lately!

Your suitcases were lost when your ship sank, but you each managed to salvage one item of band merch. What’s the merch and for what band?

Jin: My Jesus and Mary Chain shirt! I love that shirt and it’ll keep me cool when it’s hot on the island.

Cam: My Hall and Oates hat from back in the day. It would keep the sun out of my eyes and inspire me to keep on singing those Hall n Oates harmonies!

Brent: I’m going to agree with Jin on this one. One of my fave shirts back in uni!

You’re sat on the island thinking “I’m stuck here on this island with my bandmates for eternity”… who would you rather have been shipwrecked with?

Jin: Honestly? Maybe Brad Pitt?

Cam: My dog Donna is always good company! She could keep a look out for rescuers and keep those crabs at bay!

Brent: Norm McDonald, rest his soul…. Nothing weird. Just think he’d be a funny guy to hang with.

DEVIL’S ISLAND featuring The Haptics

There's a walkman in your pocket, on the tape inside is the recording of the one live show that stands out for you. It could be any show, from any band, anywhere in the world. What show is on that walkman?

Jin: Bauhaus at the Masonic in San Francisco. What an awesome show, and an amazing and supportive goth crowd.

Cam: Oh sees at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. Kick ass live band with two drummers front and centre. So much noise and energy pouring off that stage! And at my favorite venue around

Brent: For a different sound, apart from what I usually listen to, I was impressed by the Allah Lahs at the Commodore. A friend dragged me there.

You're getting desperate, you decide the only course of action is to put a message in a bottle and hope someone finds it. Your message could be to any member of any band, but should be the most suitable for a rescue attempt. Who is it?

Jin: I’d probably want to contact Brent (bassist) if he wasn’t stranded with us. He likes to put his head down and get things done.

Cam: if I’m getting desperate and need rescuing, then in Henry Rollins I trust. That dude can make things happen

Brent: Thanks for your trust in me Jin! I think I’d like let the sea take me though…

You've been stuck here for a while and food supplies are running low. There's only one thing for it... which fellow band member gets sacrificed to help the others survive?

Jin: Not me, I’m pretty vicious. I can’t really choose honestly. I’d have to kill all of them just to be fair. How else could I live with myself??

Cam: Well I’m pretty tasty so... I might have to sleep with my eyes open at that point

Brent: I’ll hide before Jin can find me.

Finally, when the ship sank you each managed to save one person from the wreckage. That person is the one musician that has influenced your career the most, shaped your way of thinking and your outlook on life. Who did you save?

Cam: I would save my brother in arms, Josh Boyd. From my first band to today, he’s been a great friend, a great bandmate, and someone who’s always been honest with feedback and insight

Jin: Shirley Manson was my childhood idol and she still rocks all to hell. I would definitely save her. She gave me hope as a kid that female musicians could be badass, talented, sexy, and taken seriously. Thanks for your time. We hope you get back to dry land before you're next due out on tour!

Brent: Gotta be Peter Hook, massive legend!

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