Exocrine Sharpen Their Sights on ‘Eidolon’

Exocrine Sharpen Their Sights on 'Eidolon'

EXOCRINE have been pumping out rapid-fire tech-death since 2015. But the French metal mercenaries truly unleash the full scope of their unrelenting arsenal on the third single off Legend.

Watch the video here.

In ancient literature, "Eidolon" appear as ghostly doppelgängers. Exocrine go hunting for these demons during the bloody and bullet-filled video for their new single. Strapped with precision blast beats, the band rattle off laser-guided riffs and a bass that grooves with flattening force of a tank.But this song isn't just balls-to-the-wall adrenaline. On the heels of Jordy Besse's commanding bark, the rhythm section spreads out into doomy, dread-soaked ambience."Brace yourselves for the sonic onslaught of Exocrine's latest masterpiece – the music video for their track 'Eidolon.' Proudly blending melodic intricacies with brutal force, this song is a testament to the band's unique fusion of melody and brutality." Says Sylvain."As a sneak peek into their upcoming album, expect a perfect marriage of technical prowess and breakneck speed. Exocrine is unleashing a sonic storm that will leave you craving more. Stay tuned for the imminent release of their album, a true embodiment of technical excellence and speed. Get ready to be blown away!"

Exocrine Sharpen Their Sights on ‘Eidolon’

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