Album Review: Desolate Tomb – Scorned By Misery

Album Review: Desolate Tomb - Scorned By Misery
Reviewed by Drew McCarthy

Get ready to raise your horns and bang your heads as after five years removed from his debut, Dakota Whiteside, going under the moniker of Desolate Tomb is back with a new album entitled Scorned By Misery.

The opening title track of the album, is an uncompromising slab of some of the most brutal metal ever recorded, combining churning riffs and punishing drumming, which then descends into one of the heaviest breakdowns that I have ever heard.

However, the album is not all just about knuckle dragging breakdowns, as combined with the uncompromising, harsh vocals throughout the album, some of the guitar playing on the album, especially on the song ‘The Hands That Mar’ brings to my mind, the guitar riffs of Behemoth.

Album Review: Desolate Tomb - Scorned By Misery

The chaotic and uncompromising 'Writhing In The Bowels Of Hell' is my favourite track on the album and I can just imagine how crazy the pits would be when that particular song is performed live. I must also mention how the artwork on the album perfectly encapsulates the feelings of hopelessness and loss, that all of us experience in life.

'Scorned By Misery' combines the best elements of both death metal and deathcore and whether you are a massive fan of these two sub genres or not, this album sounds as accomplished an album, of the quality I would expect from a band like Thy Art Is Murder or Cannibal Corpse. This is an essential listen for any fan of metal.

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