DEVIL’S ISLAND featuring Gen and the Degenerates

DEVIL'S ISLAND featuring Gen and the Degenerates

Welcome to this weeks edition of Devil's Island! Every week we maroon a band or artist on the island and see what they get up to, how they cope with being all alone on a small island in the middle of the ocean. It's not your average desert island and we'll see just how each person copes with the extreme conditions.

This week when we arrived at Devil's Island we find Gen and the Degenerates sat on the beach. The island is far from their home, so how did they end up here and how did they cope with life on Devil's Island? 

Find out now...    

Welcome to The Razors'e Edge and our somewhat lovely, warm desert island. Don't worry about it's name I'm sure it's not as bad as that would suggest. 

You're marooned here on this island, but before you ended up shipwrecked you chose one album that you couldn't live without. Which album did you each chose and why?

Sean - Sound of Silver by LCD Soundsystem

Jake - Now That's What I Call Music 54

Jay - S&M by Metallica

Ev - LoFi Beats to Fall Asleep To

Gen - Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

Just behind that palm tree is a shack for each of you to stay in, with enough space for you to put up a poster on the wall of one album cover. What album cover do you each chose?

Ev - I would put up Crack the sky by Mastodon because that is the sickest album cover.

Jake - Metallica The Black Album because it's like looking into my soul

Jay - White Pony because it's clean and simple and the horse looks happy.

Sean - Exile on Main Street because I love the Robert Frank black and white photography they use; it feels like a whole world.

Gen - MASSEDUCTION by St. Vincent because it’s my favourite album cover.

There's also a bar on this here island. But alas each of you only get to choose one drink for the entirety of your stay. What's your tipple of choice?

Ev - Guinesswine because it's secret blend of ingredients creates the best drink on planet earth.

Jake - Prime cause need that energy boi.

Jay - VIMTO *shouts it and raises his hands in the air*

Sean - Kingston Negroni. Best cocktail.

Gen - Kombucha so my tummy will be happy.

Your suitcases were lost when your ship sank, but you each managed to salvage one item of band merch. What’s the merch and for what band?

Ev - A big motörhead tankard

Jay - My Metallica ‘... And Beer For All’ cup I got from the Worldwired tour. It’s high quality and can hold lots of Vimto.

Gen - My Girls Aloud pocket knife multi-tool

Jake - Iron Maiden’s plane with trooper beer

Sean - A vintage ‘This is Not a Fugazi Shirt’ bootleg t-shirt. Because I could never afford one in real life.

You’re sat on the island thinking “I’m stuck here on this island with my bandmates for eternity”… who would you rather have been shipwrecked with?

Jay - The cast of What We Do in the Shadows, because I'm in love with all of them.

Gen - Literally anyone with survival skills.

Sean - Alive or dead? Because if we can have dead people I’d probably go with Anthony Bourdain. Interesting person, good conversation, and he’s a chef so he could cook boss food from the island’s limited resources.

Ev - Well if it’s for eternity then I’m bringing someone that can help me get over the fact that I’m now immortal, cos I reckon that’s a tough one to wrap your head around. Probably a cool Norse god like Mimir or something for style points.

Jake - Les Stroud, need survivor man on the job.


There's a walkman in your pocket, on the tape inside is the recording of the one live show that stands out for you. It could be any show, from any band, anywhere in the world. What show is on that walkman?

Jay - Queen at Wembley in 1986.

Gen - Talking Heads on the Stop Making Sense tour

Sean - Tough to decide. Either Green Day at Milton Keynes Bowl, or Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison.

Ev - Snarky Puppy - Sylva (live show with an orchestra, mind-blowing)

Jake - Avenged Sevenfold Live at the LBC

You're getting desperate, you decide the only course of action is to put a message in a bottle and hope someone finds it. Your message could be to any member of any band, but should be the most suitable for a rescue attempt. Who is it?

Jay - Taylor Swift. So rich, she can afford to send a rescue team very easily.

Sean - Yeah, insert any rich, successful, high-profile popstar here. They’ve got the platform and the resources to save us. However, they’d have to be nice enough to want to bother. So, who’s the nicest pop star?

Gen - Jack Black, I just know he’d sort us out

Sean – God, that’s so true. I don’t know why, but it does just feel like Jack Black would go above and beyond to save us.

Ev - I feel like Jack Black would do my head in if I’m shipwrecked and he turns up just bouncing off the walls being Jack Black. If he can rescue us then I guess that’s fine though.

Jake - Rick Astley because he'll never give up saving us

You've been stuck here for a while and food supplies are running low. There's only one thing for it... which fellow band member gets sacrificed to help the others survive?

Jay - I'll just choose myself, because not only would it get me off the island but also I'm a good friend and absolutely delicious.

Sean - I would also have said Jay because I think he’s probably the weakest, but he has a terrible diet so I don’t know if he’d have much nutritional value, or be very tasty (despite his claim that he’s delicious).

Gen - Well I can’t eat meat anyway so it’s not very useful so I’ll just let everyone else live. I’ve never eaten meat so I don’t think I could digest it at this point.

Ev - Jay

Jake - Jay

Finally, when the ship sank you each managed to save one person from the wreckage. That person is the one musician that has influenced your career the most, shaped your way of thinking and your outlook on life. Who did you save?

Jay - Cliff Burton (ignoring that he passed 11 years before I was born)

Sean - I guess probably James Murphy.

Gen - Kesha

Ev - I guess I should say Lars Ulrich, not that he has influenced my outlook on life but he’s probably the reason I started playing music.

Jake - That one Japanese drummer who is in a massive costume (

Thanks for your time. We hope you get back to dry land before you're next due out on tour!

Ev - thank you, if you wouldn’t mind letting somebody know we’re here that would be great.

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