EP Review: Beyond Extinction – Nothing More Wretched

EP Review: Beyond Extinction - Nothing More Wretched
Reviewed by Drew McCarthy

Deathcore, the once marginalised metal genre, now seems to be gaining new fans and a renewed popularity thanks in no small part to established bands such as Lorna Shore, Slaughter To Prevail and newer bands like Beyond Extinction.

Nothing More Wretched wastes absolutely no time whatsoever at showing you what Beyond Extinction are capable of, after the first track entitled Warmth of The Empty Light begins with a subdued cacophony of electronics and eerily sounding whispering, pounding drumming and low tuned riffing, punctuated by incredibly fierce vocals are found in abundance on the second song on the EP. The Subjugator.

The title track of the EP, Nothing More Wretched follows and while it comes roaring in with a more traditionally Death Metal inspired riff, the low tuned groove of the last song is still noticeable, even though a song like Gravedigger is more sparsely composed than the other songs on the EP, the vocals on it are still absolutely demonic.

EP Review: Beyond Extinction - Nothing More Wretched

Dilan Alves of Harbinger lends vocals to Reverse Life Support and his contribution is definitely a welcome addition to this EP. His unearthly growls combined with the trademark punch of Beyond Extinction, make for a song that is almost apocalyptic. The EP concludes with Posthuman, putting together unhinged vocals, drums that sound more like Death Metal than Deathcore & almost Djent esque riffing, reminiscent of a band like Northlane that make Posthuman a rager of a song.

While Nothing More Wretched may not be breaking any new ground musically, this EP is still an incredibly accomplished body of work, more so than what some of their contemporaries have released over the years. Beyond Extinction are most certainly a band to keep an eye on.

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