Album Review: Kris Barras Band – Halo Effect

Album Review: Kris Barras Band - Halo Effect
Reviewed by Tim Finch

With a gritty riff and hardened vocals, straight out of the blocks Kris Barras shows he is not standing still on latest album ‘Halo Effect’. Opening track ‘Hourglass’ has an edge we’ve not before seen from the band, heavier, more aggressive, yet as soulful as their music ever was.

Kris and his band have been working the rock scene for nearly a decade now, and how time has flow. In that time four albums have shown their progression; from an MMA fighter turning his hand to music to being an outright rock force, where the mans former profession is but a footnote to the excellence of his music.

Signing with Earache Records has allowed the band pour more of pretty much everything into the latest work and the time and effort spent shines through.

Album Review: Kris Barras Band - Halo Effect

Unbreakable has wonderfully dark feel to it, its powerful, impactful and hits in all the right places. Kris’ vocals stand out, layered atop the wonderful musicianship.

The album offers up different takes on the rock genre, ‘With You’ has power ballad vibes whilst ‘Savages’ is a slow burner, a delicate introduction slowly builds to crescendo which keeps the listener enthralled throughout. There are even hints of Linkin Park lurking in the background here, subtle but utilised perfectly.

Kris Barras has spent the time on this album to craft his best work yet. Building upon his decade long foundation with the band, all the elements of a rock classic are built in. He has used that foundation to push boundaries, experiment in areas he hasn’t previously touched and the result is nothing short of phenomenal.

If you are looking for an album of the year contender, especially in the rock genre, then ‘Halo Effect’ is a good place to start. It’s got all the elements that will no doubt push the Kris Barras Band onto a bigger stage!

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