Album Review: Wormed – Omegon


Album Review: Wormed - Omegon
Reviewed by Dan Phipps

As we reach the summer months of 2024 we have seen a steady amount of veteran bands of the brutal death metal world showcase new and fantastic new releases. The next grizzled veteran band to have its latest creation ready to go is the one and only Wormed. Krigshu the band's last full length release and first under Seasons of Mist was such a stunning full length in which the Sci Fi themed 5 piece hit another level and Omegon is the title of the next chapter in the legacy that Wormed have crafted for themselves.

What makes Wormed so good? For me it's the way the band can switch and change in an instant from a furious all out rage, they can take there playing and just without a second thought bring in a far darker side to their song craft and then jump into something else. It doesn't lose its edge either; it's directly on point. Omegon is a savage display of sheer intensity, merged with bouts of utter chaos and wrapped up with a really superb production, that allows each area of Wormed to be audible and accessible for the listener. And this is what you need, when the chaotic energy that Wormed brings with Omegon you need everything to be crisp, you need to feel the devastating drums as they flow through the record. Even on its more subtle and slower sections the drumming on Omegon is intense.

Album Review: Wormed - Omegon

The guitar playing continues to be on another level as they throw riff after riff towards the listener. You also don't hear anything that sounds like a generic throw away death metal riff, everything is completely on point in that regard. And finally the monstrous guttural vocal display adds that final texture to Wormed’s auditory onslaught which let's be honest most death metal acts can't get anywhere close to. 

Omegon is an adventure, it's a record which you will sit with and it will take you to a different level of listening enjoyment. I love brainless brutal music as much as the next person, but at times death metal needs those bands who push the envelope in terms of creativity and brutality. Wormed have not let me down with it before and with Omegon they have not let me down again.

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