Bloodstock Bound: Praetorian


Bloodstock Bound: Praetorian

As Bloodstock gets closer, we delve deep into the line up to find out more about some of the bands playing the New Blood and EMP stages at this years event.

Today we chat with Praetorian

The Razor's Edge: Please introduce yourself and your band mates.

Praetorian: We are a four-piece from North Hertfordshire (it’s near London) and we play loud aggressive antisocial bowel shaking music. I am Mark and I play guitar. We also have Tom on lead shrieking and singing, Richard on backup howls and bass, and Bisgrove on the drums. We formed many years ago but had a few lineup changes, and since COVID is when we’ve really begun to hit our stride.

The Razor's Edge: How would you describe your sound?

Praetorian: It’s hard to say from a creative aspect, but I’d say we’re primarily a sludge band with influences ranging from black metal, hardcore, doom and post-metal. We can get really loud and riffy, but then a little subdued and mellow at times. We’ve been compared to bands like Iron Monkey, Deftones, Darkthrone, Autopsy, Soilent Green and Acid Bath so happy days.

The Razor's Edge: How did you land your spot on the Bloodstock bill?

Praetorian: Well we reached the finals of M2TM Hitchin back in 2022 and were a gnats gonad away from getting through. We thought we’d apply this year just for the hell of it, and luckily they said yes! So you know who to blame now. Do gnats have gonads...?

The Razor's Edge: What does playing at Bloodstock mean to you?

Praetorian: It’s very special as some of us have been going for years, and to play the premier heavy metal festival in the UK is truly a bucket list moment. We’ve been working incredibly hard for the past few years and to actually see our name on the poster is a humbling experience. A little bit exciting to say the least but still humbling.

The Razor's Edge: For people who’ve never seen you live, what can they expect at Bloodstock?

Praetorian: We might be a tad ‘unrefined’ compared to the majority of the bands on the New Blood Stage, so do NOT expect any virtuoso guitar solos, heavenly choruses, superfluous keyboard passages, and sick breakdowns. Okay, we might have one of those...but generally just lots of disgusting riffs, screaming, shouting, aggravated shirtless heathens, dodgy lunging and overall, just a JOLLY GOOD TIME.

Bloodstock Bound: Praetorian

The Razor's Edge: What day are you performing?

Praetorian: We are on the Saturday. Time TBC but to us that’s the perfect day!

The Razor's Edge: What other bands are you looking forward to watching at Bloodstock this year?

Praetorian: Blimey where to begin...the Friday especially looks monstrous but overall - Clutch, Carcass, Opeth, Enslaved, Igorrr, Crypta, Rotting Christ, Hellripper, Septic Flesh, Grand Magus, and there are some real gnarly bands on the EMP Stage like Yersin, Goblinsmoker, Public Execution, Flamebearer... yes looking good!

The Razor's Edge: Playing the New Blood Stage is just the first steppingstone in a bands journey. What’s next in your plans for world domination?

Praetorian: We’ve been very busy the last year or so, and very recently we just recorded our debut album. It’s currently in the mixing/mastering stage and we are hoping to unleash it on the world at the end of 2024 or beginning of 2025. After that just more gigs all over the country. Hopefully support some big names and get on some of the heavy festivals like Desertfest etc. If all goes smoothly, then would love to play the Sophie Lancaster Stage in the future!

The Razor's Edge: Are you camping with the fans? Which campsite are you heading for?

Praetorian: I think all four of us might be in different areas of the festival. I personally will be camping with the great unwashed, probably Valhalla as it’s generally the best mix of party animals and people who want to get a bit of rest! Anywhere but Midgard really.

The Razor's Edge: It’s festival weekend, what’s your food vendor of choice on site?

Praetorian: I can’t speak for the rest of the band but basically - one that doesn’t give us the shits, or cost us an arm, a leg...and then the other arm. I did enjoy the Mac n Cheese one but felt a bit sick afterwards. Any of the burger vendors generally are okay. Our bassist will be hitting the vegan stalls which might not be a bad move if I don’t want a dicky tummy all weekend.

The Razor's Edge: See you at Bloodstock in a few weeks!

Praetorian: Cheers, thanks for including us, and hope you enjoy the noise!

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