Interview – Massive – The Road to Stonedeaf

Massive - Aussie Rock

Interview : Massive : The Road To Stonedeaf

This coming weekend Massive head to Newark, Nottinghamshire to perform at the second instalment of the Stonedeaf Festival. The one day event dedicated to all things rock and reviving the spirit of the old Monsters of Rock festivals.

With just a few days to go, we caught up with the Massive lads to see what they have in store for us.

The Razor's Edge: First off, Welcome to The Razor's Edge!

Massive: Thanks you good to be here.

The Razor's Edge: You’ve only really been active 8 years or so now, but your career has been on a massive upward trajectory. You’ve spent a lot of time in the UK, your following is growing here. How do you feel you’ve been recurved by the British rockets?

Massive: The UK treat us very well and we love touring here. We come back every year and see the same faces and new faces and it’s always a positive vibe. I’m sure we will be coming back every year for many years to come.

The Razor's Edge: And how does that compare to back home?

Massive: The major difference is when you go to a rock festival in the UK you will see 3 generations of people out enjoying the same bands. Parents bring their kids up on rock 'n roll in the UK. In Australia rock is seen as having died in 1995.

The Razor's Edge: The Aussie rock scene is somewhat buoyant right now. Airborne started braking through in the U.K. and then there’s the likes of yourselves and The Lazy’s making waves. What’s it like being at the forefront of the Aussie rock invasion?

Massive: The quality of Aussie bands is world class. The Lazy’s will be the biggest band in the world one day. The fact they all have to go overseas for the recognition is a bit of a shame but it means the bands truly earn every bit of success. Aussie bands don’t complain about 15 shows in a row, or 8 hour drives. Having to fight for the scraps of a rock music scene in Australia means overseas touring becomes easy.

The Razor's Edge: You’ve been compared to Guns N Roses, some say you're ready to take over from them. How do you react to that?

Massive: Kerrang! magazine did a full page article titled the next Guns N Roses, with our picture and a full piece saying why we are the next band to conquer rock 'n roll. Ha. I mean it’s pretty surreal to see your mugs in a rock magazine never mind with such insane statements being made. We know where we are. We just enjoy playing music in dirty pubs to rock fans. Whatever comes of that is a bonus really.

The Razor's Edge: So you're playing Stonedeaf Festival this weekend, tell us what you know about the festival?

Massive: I went last year, it was such a good vibe. We sort of knew we were in line to get a call up this year so I was scouting the festival as much as I was enjoying the music. The fact it’s run by grassroots music fans instead of big corporate money machines is really awesome. We’re happy to be included in the big family.

The Razor's Edge: Are you looking forward to playing a British summer festival in front of thousands of fans?

Massive: Oh yeh, can’t complain really. Another day another gig in front of thousands...

The Razor's Edge: What can the Stonedeaf faithful expect from a Massive show?

Massive: High octane, foot stomping beer drinking rock 'n roll. We don’t over prepare, we get on stage and smash it, whether it’s to 50 people at a pub or 2000 in a field we give it everything we have.

The Razor's Edge: Any surprises in store for the festival appearance?

Massive: Well then it wouldn’t be a surprise would it?

The Razor's Edge: Thanks for talking to us lads.

Massive hit the stage at Stonedeaf Festival this Saturday, 24th August at 12:25. Be sure to get into the arena early for the best that Aussie rock has to offer!

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And if you hurry you can still buy tickets for this Saturday on the Stonedeaf website!