Album Review: Fucked & Bound / Haunted Horses – Split EP

Fucked and Bound

Fucked & Bound Haunted Horses Split E.P.
Reviewed by: Carl Black

With a name liked Fucked & Bound, you’re not going to get on Top of The Pops, covering a Sonic Youth song is also not going to get you on Top of the Pops. And with a raucous, gruff assault to the ears, I can categorically state that they will not get on Top of the Pops! (plus T.O.T.P. finished years ago, but you know what I’m saying)

Fucked & Bound / Haunted Horses

You get the picture, this band are not for the general masses. What a live recording of a new, original song and a Sonic Youth cover does get you is a split EP with Haunted Horses. Fucked & Bound go at it hard. Fuzzy bass lines, harsh riffs and some loud drumming. I hate to compare vocals, but these sound like Brody from The Distillers with a rocket up her backside. I can easily see a tour with Employed to Serve or Conjurer. They are a band that would feel right at home on the bill at 2000trees or ArcTanGent.

Haunted Horses have an Arty, industrial sound. A few samples and a driving bass line give the vocalist the foundation to experiment and push the confines of both these songs. Again, 2000trees or ArcTanGent would be the festival of choice, late at night with heavy visuals.

Overall, not a bad collection of songs by two very different bands. I’m not sure which way these wo bands could go. Fucked & Bound could go down the grungy route, or beef up and go more metal. They fall in between at the moment. Haunted Horses could do anything from a commercial sounding electronic album to a dark, brooding independent film score. Either way it will be worth keeping an eye on both these bands, watch this space!

You can pre-order the split EP, due for release on August 23rd, here.

Haunted Horses