Ashen Crown Reveal New Album Details

Ashen Crown

Ashen Crown Reveal New Album Details

With the band celebrating coming up to their third year of being together as a group, Ashen Crown have released the details of their highly anticipated debut album 'Obsolescence'.

With huge festivals, support slots with the likes of Memoriam, Obituary, King Parrott and countless amount of gigs up and down the UK, Ashen Crown have solidified their status as one of the best up and coming Death Metal bands in the UK.

On the 1st November 2019, Ashen Crown will release their debut album. They will be celebrating this at their headline show in the 'Home Of Metal' at the O2 Academy on Saturday 26th October where they will be showcasing the new material and fans will be able to purchase the album prior to release.

The album, “Obsolescence” relates to the band's thoughts that things change and over time concepts such as religion, politics and some day to day ideologies will become obsolete. Plus as they grow musically some of the tracks on this album will become obsolete, a metaphor if you will, for their intent of progression and a massive shift in the writing process, leaving behind what once was.

Ashen Crown like all bands tries not to pigeonhole themselves underneath one banner of metal in order to leave themselves open to creativity during the writing process. However, Obsolescence has something for all listeners; “Ultimatum" and “Blood Beneath Us” for the circle pit drivers to the ‘chugg’ ridden headbanger “Right to Rise” and the Sombre and melodic “Under the Leaves”.

Ste Fowkes of Ashen Crown has said:

"With major changes within the band near the end of 2018, we had some time to re-evaluate our plans for pushing things forward. We initially planned to record an EP for release around November 2018, however, with Chris leaving the band we had to put this on hold whilst Mike settled in. We decided unanimously to go with a full-length album drawing a line under the initial period, beginning a new chapter for the band. It felt right to get the current tracks laid down and released, to capture this moment of where we are on our journey in music and move on. Most of the album material was ready, however, there was still a few tracks that needed finishing. Over time these songs have changed lyrically, musically and conceptually, Mike's fresh perspective was instrumental in finalising the tracks ready to record at Initiate Audio and Media in March 2019. We are immensely proud of what we have created and believe the album has a little something for everyone."

‘Obsolescence’ will be released on Friday 1st November and will be available on all digital platforms. The band will be releasing their album and giving fans a preview and a chance to buy before the official release at the O2 Academy in Birmingham on Saturday 26th October.

Ahen Crown - Obsolescence

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