Album Review: Cybernetic Witch Cult – Absurdum Ad Nauseam

Cybernetic Witch Cult

Album Review: Cybernetic Witch Cult - Absurdum Ad Nauseam
Reviewed by Neil Bolton

I was lucky enough to catch Cybernetic Witch Cult perform a head line slot at 2018’s HRH Doom vs Stoner festival. Their spacey, psychedelic, doom style tunes were really attractive to me in that dark and packed venue, and I really enjoyed their set.
Hence this third album “Absurdum Ad Nauseam” brought with it much anticipation.

Bookended by 'Hypercomputer' parts one and two, this collection of tracks should hopefully blast away the conception that fans of this type of music are miserable. There is enough clever song writing, with heavy riffs, enough change of pace and texture to put a smile on even the most harsh critic. Although never straying too from the 70’s progressive style they are now known for.

Album Review: Cybernetic Witch Cult – Absurdum Ad Nauseam

Lyrically each track deals with different weighty topics including the human race living in a simulation created by the aforementioned Hypercomputer, space travelling whales that leave planet Earth to escape climate change, and the the spice trade involved in the story Dune. Not to mention the Neverending Story just to lighten the darker road that Cybernetic Witch Cult are travelling down for this particular album.

This album really does deliver.

Mixed and produced by Slabdragger's Sam Thredder technical side of the album is in good hands. Along with familiar front cover art work from Aimee Wyld at Unlikeness Art. There is a music video for “The Myth of Sisyphus“ the final track. Out now. Along with several live dates to coincide with the release of this album. Which I would also recommend checking out if you can get to a date.

I really enjoy this album, it’s an excellent example of this sub genre of music, that is often just thought of as just slow Tony Iommi type riffs and a lot of fuzz. This is much more than that.


Cybernetic Witch Cult release the 'Absurdum Ad Nauseam' on December 6th.

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