Album Review: Hideous Divinity – Simulacrum

Album Review: Hideous Divinity - Simulacrum
Reviewed by Carl Black

These types of albums can by interesting. No, not the death core brutal assault on every senses, no not that. If you are into that then this will be an interesting album for you regardless. It's interesting as it's basically the work of one man. A trip through the inner sanctuary of a inspired mind, a walk through the craggy caves of a death core psyche.

This is what Hideous Divinty is; much like Jeff Waters of Annialitor - a visionary guitarist who presents his thoughts and ideas to a collection of musicians who contribute to a recording but really, the music is staying as it is.

Album Review: Hideous Divinity – Simulacrum

Enrico Schettino is the brains behind this outfit. Schettino writes riff after riff and collects them into small piles which represent songs on Simulacrum.

This album is fast, almost every riff is over the speed limit. It's smashes through the sound barrier at every turn. The guitar sound is razor sharp and the riffs are spikey and vicious. The drums are precise, measured and pounding. The type of drumming where you think, "how the hell does he do that?". One could be mistaken that a robot has replaced the man behind the kit whilst the vocals are deep and guttural.

The death core style can be make or break in itself; fans of the style I'm sure will love Hideous Divinity's latest work. However, the cross over potential is limited. For the average heavy metal fan, there are some good songs on here and some average songs on here. Luckily the gap between the two is not too big.


Hideous Divinity released 'Simulacrum' via Century Media on November 8th

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