Album Review: Magic Kingdom – MetAlmighty

Album Review: Magic Kingdom - MetAlmighty
Reviewed by Deegan Armitage

Power metal. Love it or hate it, its defiantly a genre of metal that divides listeners. I love it, from its epic vocals, shredding guitars and being able to sing along with melody at shows, it is one genre I have consistently loved since I first heard ‘Sabaton’ about 5 years. There are so many power metal bands I could list but whenever I think power metal and its core traditional musical themes and lyrics, I think ‘Magic Kingdom’.

Belgium Power metal heroes ‘Magic Kingdom’ formed in 1998 and have been going strong since, despite the fact they've had a few member changes over the years, the core members have mostly stayed the same. Soon they will be releasing their fifth Studio Album ‘MetAlmighty’.

The album consists of eleven blistering tracks, right from the first track of the album you can really tell that the band have put in every ounce of energy into these songs. With the first song ‘Unleash the Dragons’ listeners are welcomed with a mystical symphonic sound along with a mesmerising choir and then quickly throwing you into a power metal feast of melodic shredding guitars that are worthy of being sung along to. It's such a strong song to start the album with, it never really loses that energy throughout even with ballad ‘Just a Good Man’ thrown into the mix.

The symphonic element of the album adds to its engaging and massive sound that the band had mastered.

While listening to ‘MetAlmighty’ I found myself engaged and hooked on every note of every track, wanting more and more and being a little sad when I had heard the entire album. The production of the album is amazing, even though the built-in speakers of my computers I could hear every instrument equally and clearly.

'MetAlmighty' is certainly an album for fans of Blind Guardian and Avantasia and power metal in general. You will not be disappointed!

Magic Kingdom will release 'MetAlmighty' on November 22nd via AFM Records

Album Review: Magic Kingdom – MetAlmighty

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