Live Review: Brutality Will Prevail – London

Brutality Will Prevail Long

Live Review: Brutality Will Prevail - London
Review by Deegan Armitage

I love the underground metal/hardcore scene. I love discovering new bands and finding out where they're touring and as a regular concert goer I am always excited to find new bands. Last Saturday I was lucky enough to discover a few new bands. Brutality Will Prevail, Dagger Threat, Mass Worship and Road Mutant al performing at the quirky New Rivers Studios.

Up first on this rather brilliant line up was Road Mutant, a metal band from the UK with old school death metal and hardcore influences. A brilliant start to the night, the band kicked off on a massive high with fast drums and guitar riffs that would keep both the old school and more modern audiences very happy, not to mention the breakdowns during some of the songs that made me slightly disappointed that the mosh pit hadn't heated up yet.

Scandinavian Sludge band Mass Worship are on next, bringing a more slow and doomy vibe to the New Rivers Studio. Right from the first track I was hooked, they sounded just as solid live as they did on the album. Even though they played a shorter set than expected, despite that you could tell that they were putting every ounce of energy into the slightly shorter time than originally advertised.

Mass Worship were truly on top form, the band themselves offer a very no frills approach, they simply let the music speak for itself. On stage the band themselves scream atmosphere with the way they simply stand there in-between songs starring intensely at the audience saying very little and then just play draped in dark red lighting in the venue it was a perfect setting for a band like mass worship.

Thirs band up were German hardcore outfit Dagger Threat. Very energetic, with the band themselves on stage and the singer pacing in the mosh pit at the start of the set, before screaming so loud he almost didn't need a microphone. Along side their chunky riffs and beefy breakdowns they were an excellent addition to the evening and a band I will be looking out for in 2020 for sure.

Lastly on this rather beefy line up were headliners, Welsh hardcore superstars Brutality Will Prevail. Right from the first track the bands energy filled the entire venue as well as the mosh pit. They recent released their new album 'Misery Sequence' and they were playing plenty from it along side their classics like 'The Path' and 'Casket'.

Keeping up this energy throughout their set, playing song after song with little chat in-between. During songs like 'The Path' there was much audience participation, encouraging the crowd to grab the microphone and join in. This is something I have always liked personally. The band sounded as good live as they do on their records. What a night!

Live Review: Brutality Will Prevail – London

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