Album Review: Bonded – Rest In Violence


Album Review: Bonded - Rest In Violence
Reviewed by Tim Finch

Within the heavy metal community thrash metal fans are somewhat tribal, certainly loyal – both to the bands and the scene as a whole. When new bands arise they are welcomed with open arms. When a band reaches its final demise, a period of mourning ensues. Through the good times and the bad, thrash fans are there for each other, the music and the bands!

So when news broke of Bonded’s appearance on the scene it got the thrash community more than a little excited. When guitarist Bernd “Bernemann” Kost and drummer Markus “Makka” Freiwald joined forces, the community took notice. For the pair bring experience from their formers bands - Despair, Angel Dust, Voodoo Cult, Kreator and last but not least Sodom. Some names that stand atop the pile of thrash royalty. The pair the nucleus of the outfit are joined by Chris Tsitsis (ex-Suicidal Angels, Destroy Them) as second guitarist, Marc Hauschild on Bass and Ingo Bajonczak (of Assassin, ex-New Damage, ex-Supersoma, ex-Lord of Giant) on vocals, rounding out a very experienced band from the start.

When the bands debut album ‘Rest In Violence’ hits the thrash community later this January what can we expect? Let’s find out…

‘Godgiven’ opens up the album and the band set their stall out early…ferocious riffs follow the weaving trail left by the lead guitars squeal. Fast paced from the off the song could be charged with assault and battery for its aggression, it’s old school thrash, but the band give it a modern twist. Sleek and dynamic guitar work throughout. ‘Suit Murderer’ has a similar ferociousness from the start too, but this is a darker song, death metal elements slip in, darker, more haunting riffs, thunderous drums and an urgency to the vocal delivery.

Title track ‘Rest In Violence’ stands out, not least for the guest vocals from Bobby Blitz (Overkill) which add an extra depth to the bands sound. Blitz and Bajonczak duelling for supremacy and ultimately putting on a thrash metal duet of epic proportions.

The theme continues throughout the album, the pace never letting up and riff after riff smacking you in the face. For me there is one element that stands out above the rest and that is Freiwald’s drumming performance. Whilst writing this review I find myself not typing but air drumming along to each and every track. A stick perfect display of thrash metal drum-man-ship that doubtless draws the listener in.

If you like thrash metal in any form, then even as early as January I can tell you, this will be a contender for your album of the year!


Bonded release 'Rest In Violence on 17th January via Century Media Records.

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