Album Review: Gorilla Riot – Peach

Album Review: Gorilla Riot - Peach
Reviewed by Tim Finch

A thunderous riff rings out, a drum beats, the riff rings again as the drums continue to throb. A second guitar kicks in as does the bass, momentum growing, atmospheres building leading us a to a crescendo.

That is our introduction to the new Gorilla Riot album, ‘Peach’. A heavy instrumental rock piece that serves as the appetiser to draw you in for more.

The band are Manchester’s latest rock outfit breaking through into the scene. Following their previous E.P. The band were labelled ‘southern rock’ by many. From that aforementioned E.P. and this new album it’s easy to understand why. But the band try to steer us away from that thinking. “With this record we wanted to show that, although that genre certainly is an influence, it is one of many.” States frontman Arjun Bhishma “You will hear from the first second of the first song that this is not just a Southern Rock record”.

Album Review: Gorilla Riot – Peach

He’s right, that musical introduction was anything but southern rock. However second track ‘Riders II’ definitely does fall into that bracket, the twang of those guitars dripping in southern influence and Arjun's vocals complement that. They may be Mancunians but you can hear a southern drawl in his singing voice.

As the record continues you realise they are right. This isn’t a full on southern rock album, traditional rock and roll, heavy metal and Grunge all have elements featured in their music. ‘Half Cut’ emphasises this raucous guitars and a heavy grunge feel.

If you like your music less heavy and full of head bobbing licks then this is for you. Similarities with Black Stone Cherry, Alice In Chains and more flow through a joyous album of heavy rock delights.

Gorilla Riot release 'Peach' via Off Ya Rocker Recordings on January 31st.

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