Album Review: Six Sins Til Sunday – Unmasked

Album Review: Six Sins Til Sunday - Unmasked

Album Review: Six Sins Til Sunday - Unmasked
Reviewed by Paul Hutchings

Following on from their 2019 debut Masks, Plymouth based five-piece Six Sins Till Sunday have wasted little time in returning to the studio to create a five-track EP which captures the current vibe within the band. Recorded by The Doc at the PMC in Plymouth and mastered by Joe Graves at Innersound Studios, Unmasked contains a variety of styles which reflect some of the band’s influences.

The chug of opener The Road To Redemption has an addictive groove, immediate reaction being to nod the head along. Disappointingly the vocal performance of Chris Newman struggles badly here, ragged and out of key for parts of the track.  The mid-section breakdowns are clunky and awkward. The track picks up towards the end with a decent, bluesy solo but overall this is a song that worked better in the live arena than on three or four listens here. (having seen the band supporting Witch Tripper in Bristol on 17th January I can say this with authority).

Album Review: Six Sins Til Sunday - UnmaskedThings improve on Book of Lies, its sludgy stoner feel aided by some crushing riffs and a slower pace which allows Newman’s gruff roar to shine and whilst the duel guitar work echo sounds from NOLA. It’s a meaty slab that contains some neat work. Next up is Sold Your Soul, which opens with a tasty bank of solid riffing ala Pantera. Plenty of groove served up here but once again the vocals struggle slightly which leads you to ponder if this the weak link within the band. There is plenty of room for snarl and anger and at times Newman’s delivery works; however, several segments throughout the EP see his voice fade out of tune quite alarmingly creating a struggle for the listener

Me Myself & Me continues in the riff heavy vein, although it’s possibly the weakest song on the release. This is a track that the band have retained since their early days, a staple of their live set for many years. It contains some ferocious lead guitar work, a tight rhythm section and ample groove. Once again, it’s the vocals that cause me concern. They really don’t work with this song particularly well. The EP concludes with Bring Out Your Dead, a track covered from on old outfit which two band members used to be part of and written well over a decade ago. Utilising some additional effects for the intro, there is an immediate comparison with what Hell did on Plague & Fyre on their scintillating Human Remains album. Hell’s sinister sound effects created a feeling of despair. Here, it adds to the track but only briefly. Aside from the limited quality on the effects, there’s little to disappoint here. It’s the standout track on the EP, the groove giving a hefty nod to Down, and such is the crushing heaviness of a song that is anchored by the thumping rhythm section, it also allows Newman to really let rip.

Having seen and enjoyed the band live recently, I must admit I’m a little disappointed in the quality of the songs in this EP. With so many others producing music of exceptional quality, it will be interesting to see if Six Sins Till Sunday can shine. I have my doubts but I love being proved wrong!


Six Sins Til Sunday's 'Unmasked' E.P. is out now.

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