Album Review: Victorius – Space Ninjas From Hell

Victorius - Space Ninjas From Hell

Album Review: Victorius - Space Ninjas From Hell
Reviewed by Deegan Armitage

Who doesn't love ninjas? Whether they are teenage mutant ninja turtles or space ninjas from hell, they are awesome. Those deadly assassins from Japan been relevant in popular culture for decades and they are also the theme of power metal band Victorius’ latest album, Space Ninjas From Hell.

German Power metalers Victorius are no strangers to unusual themed albums, their previous album Dinosaur Warfare - Legend of the Power Saurus was about mighty dinosaurs and was an outstanding example of how power metal doesn't always have to be serious but can still sound brilliant. However this time round they have gone with the even better themed "Space Ninjas from Hell". This concept album tells the story of an evil clan of space ninjas who join forces with a dragon god take over the world and I will not spoil the rest of the story because you should most defiantly go listen to this album.

Victorius - Space Ninjas From HellThis 12 track album is a power metal fan’s dream, with solid riffs, blasting drums and melodies that I can already imagine are going to be super fun to join in with live. The whole album is very catchy and since listening to the album through several times I still find myself humming them days later after the first spin of the record. I could recommend all of the songs from the album but I liked 'Super Sonic Samurai', 'Wasabi War Machine' and 'Ninjas Unite' the most, though I do recommend listening to the whole album from beginning to end because it's all pretty fantastic. The production on the album is brilliant you can tell a lot of passion was put into music and that they love what they are doing. The album was mastered by Henrik Udd who has also mastered other power metal bands like Hammerfall and Powerwolf.

The band has already released two music videos for the album (Super Sonic Samurai and Shuriken Showdown) which you can check out below. The band have now signed with Napalm Records so I expect big things from Victorius through 2020. This will be the year of the ninja!

Space Ninjas From Hell is out on January 17th via Napalm Records

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