Album Review: Diarchy – Splitfire

Album Review: Diarchy - Splitfire

Album Review: Diarchy - Splitfire
Reviewed by John Caffrey

Before I give the review I must say I was looking forward to listening to a two piece band from India, and I was not disappointed; the sound that these two guys put out is epic. Stoner rock at its best, reminiscent of bands like Clutch and Kyuss in places, but also heavier bands like Orange Goblin and Spiritual Beggars with a real heavy groove. This is not just stoner by numbers. They really pack a punch, Gauravs (drummer) repetitive beats and Prakash (Guitar and vocals) clear cool vocals, and intricate guitar work creates a great wall of sound.

Album Review: Diarchy - Splitfire

'Kamal Hossen' the opener is full of repetitive slabs of riffage quite reminiscent of Clawfinger without the preachy lyrics, tracks 'Gone Too Late' and 'Badger' follow this formula , with hints of Soundgargden, Kyuss, Alice In Chains. In other songs like 'Tirunelveli' and 'Home' they lay down a delicate soundscape. 'Tirunelveli' with a female poet reciting her poem over the top of intricate layers of guitar and percussion, in places almost sounding like a sitar building into slabs of classic stoner riffs. 'Kraanti' has a similar pattern but sounds a bit like a modern take on Floyd and Karma To Burn.

The closing track 'Best Way Out Is Always Through' is almost acapella with minimal percussion and finger clicks, and vocal harmonies reminiscing of sixties folk, in a good way!

Overall I love this album, varied and something different. It stands up as a complete album and I think it has been recorded as that; not quite a concept album but a very accomplished album. I will be tracking down their other albums and hope they play live in the UK sometime soon.

Diarchy release 'Splitfire' via Unherd Music on March 27th and you can check them out on bandcamp here.

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