Album Review: Elixir – Voyage of The Eagle

Album Review: Elixir - Voyage of The Eagle

Album Review: Elixir - Voyage of the Eagle
Reviewed by Carl Black

Elixir have been knocking around since the early 80’s. They were tagged into the NWOBHM lot and Clive Burr (Iron Maiden) was once a member. In more recent times they are organisers and serial performers at the British Steel festival, held in London’s Camden Underworld.

From the very potted history you can guess what they sound like if you have never stumbled upon them. Twin guitar solos, heavy bass lines and loud, strong vocals.

Album Review: Elixir - Voyage of The Eagle

This album is a concept album. I didn’t know this before I started listening but it’s very obvious. If 'Operation Mindcrime' or 'The Wall' is your Game of Thrones, all interlaced story lines and complex characters, then the 'Voyage of the Eagle' is Robin Hood; A straight forward, good old tale. It’s a basic story of drinking ('Drink to the Devil'), a folk metal foot stomper, getting pressed ganged into a ship’s crew ('Pressed Ganged'), a proper rock and roller and then spending months at sea ('The Sirens Song'). If you like... a toe in the water [see what I did there] into prog. All slow, haunting riffs and guest female vocals.

There you have it, this album is a taster / entry level exercise into heavy metal music. It strays into lots of musical areas but remains true to it's Heavy Metal roots. In true heavy metal style the album is raw and real. This music has not been put through a matrix and there are no drum triggers and studio witchcraft. Played how it was meant to be heard it’s more like a very rehearsed session than a studio album. There are a few bum notes and some mis-placed timings but, that adds to its charm.

A thoroughly enjoyable album for anyone who likes Priest, Maiden and Lizzy or to anyone who wants to explore what Metal from the 80’s has to offer.

Elixir's 'Voyage of the Eagle' is available now via Dissonance Productions.

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