Album Review: Saurr – Twisted

Album Review: Saurr - Twisted

Album Review: Saurr - Twisted
Reviewed by Carl Black


Saurr have won the Metal 2 The Masses competition which can be a blessing and a curse. Getting to play Bloodstock Festival is an honour but so many metal bands play over that weekend that it’s hard to shout above the noise. Could this little touch set Saurr apart from the crowd?

'Dead Shadow' is a bit of a mish mash of styles, big baggy riffs with awkward time changes and a bit of old school death metal drumming half way through. The vocals are a bit divisive. The harsh vocals are suited well but the clean singing is rather strange. Almost like they are taking the mick. It does not sit well with me.

'Hydra' follows in the same, djent riffs but ever so slightly death metal at times. 'Paradise' is where we see the best of Saurr. An ambitious 10 minute plus song, centred around one riff that is reminiscent of the Deftones and Will Haven and complete with dolphin noises to boot. This sets them apart from the crowd, this is shouting above the noise.

The final song has the same post hardcore sound but the clean singing returns. A fine collection of songs from a band that are doing all the right things. They need our support and they are easy to listen to. More ambition alongside more expressive and progy songs will raise them above the parapet. The clean singing maybe less so.

Saurr's 'Twisted' EP is out now!

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