Album Review: Flight of Eden – Dante’s Inferno

Album Review: Flight of Eden - Dante's Inferno

Album Review: Flight of Eden - Dante's Inferno
Reviewed by Carl Black

On the surface Flight of Eden have all the right parts in all the right places. An edgy sound that won’t be lost on any Architect’s fans but with a slither of hard rock to bolster the music.  It’s done well and it’s all very neat and tidy.

It's not an E.P. worth of songs... no, it's one song with nine different chapters. No chart friendly single here, no MTV heavy rotation here, not even a “I’d like to dedicate this one to my uncle’s best mate’s roommate, who’s been an inspiration to me….” during live performances.

Flight of Eden

Think of the bands who have done something similar in the past. Rush for example. Rush started to write longer songs, with chapters on their second album (ByTor and the Snowdog), and honed their skills until the majesty of 2112. Each part of both the aforementioned songs have very defining and distinct parts that represent a part of the story. But Rush took a long time to get to 2112 and they are masters of their craft.   Meshuggah released “I”, a twenty minute, mesmerising trip through a blasting sound scape that leaves you exhausted by the end. But started out as a meat and potatoes thrash band. They built on the sound and developed a whole musical genre.   But they are masters of their craft. I believe Tool wanted their new album to be one song but because of downloading revenue, decided against it, but they are masters of their craft. I think I see a pattern emerging.

Flight of Eden are a child who never had a childhood. They are old before their time - in a good way! Because this E.P. is only their second outing, most who hear this offering are coming in without having the investment in the band that we all have with the other groups who have created work on this scale.  We could have had a full album with the amount of ideas and riffs on this E.P.

There is massive potential. It needs a strong and experienced producer to add input from the outside (this E.P. was produced, mixed and mastered by the band) for this band to mature and develop. They have gone straight for the master piece but we all know we need to paint a few Bob Ross landscapes before we can attempt a Mona Lisa.

'Dante's Inferno' is released on April 9th.

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