Album Review: Powerwolf – Best Of The Blessed


Album Review: Powerwolf - Best Of The Blessed
Reviewed by Tim Finch

When you think of power metal a number of big names of the genre… Blind Guardian, Helloween, Gamma Ray and more latterly the likes of Sabaton. In recent years another name can be added to that list, the majestic Powerwolf. The German outfit marked their fifteenth anniversary in 2019 with a stunning set at Bloodstock as main support to the aforementioned Sabaton.

Come 2020 and with the idea of touring out of the window the band have looked back at their career spanning seven albums and put together a three disc ‘Best of the Blessed’ greatest hits compilation. A unique mix of career spanning tunes, some re-recorded just for this release, and a number of live tracks.

Powerwolf - Best Of The Blessed

Disc one features the studio recorded material, kicking off with the haunting chiming of bells that leads us into ‘We Drink Your Blood’ – one of the seven tracks rerecorded for this album. The pace quickens as ‘Army of The Night’ follows, one of many anthemic tunes included on the recording along with the soon to follow ‘Werewolves of Armenia’. The re-recorded tunes sit well alongside the original tracks, as if almost by design. Despite spanning seven different studio albums this release flows as if recorded in one, helped by the re-recordings which tie old songs into the newer material giving the first disc an overall well rounded feel.

Disc two is the live element of the package. Recorded across the bands 2018 ‘Wolfsnächte’ European tour. A number of the tracks from disc one are repeated in the live segment, simply as they fit the live performance so well, but additional songs are introduced. ‘Blessed & Possessed’ one such introduction gets a big pop from the crowd as Attila Dorn introduces it, a romping barn burner of a power metal track fully encompassing the spirit of a live Powerwolf show.

The third segment of the package is really a bonus disc, also of live material, featuring some special songs including ‘Sanctified With Dynamite’, ‘Coleus Sanctus’ and ‘Let There Be Night’. This bonus only available in certain formats of the release.

For Powerwolf fans this is the ultimate collection in greatest hits and thrilling live performances. For those new to Powerwolf, or power metal in general, ‘Best of the Blessed’ is a fantastic introduction to the band and genre that you could get lost in for years to come.

'Best of the Blessed is released via Napalm Records on July 3rd

Head image credit: Tim Finch Photography

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