The Metal World Mourns the Passing of Marsha Zazula

Marsha Zazula

The Metal World Mourns the Passing of Marsha Zazula.

In sad news that broke over the weekend, Marsha Zazula passed away from cancer at the age of 68 in her Florida home. Marsha, alongside her husband Jon, founded Megaforce Records in 1982 and went on to release the debut records of both Metallica and Anthrax and a whole host of other artists.

Jon commented:

“No man can ask for a partner like Marsha Zazula: someone who would stand by your side, support you and believe in you to the extend of losing everything in order to make those dreams come true. She was a mother and mentor to many, and a role model as a woman breaking the glass ceiling in an industry run by men. She had balls, beauty, brains and vision.”

As the news broke yesterday, many bands, artists and industry figures shared memories of a great woman and mourned her loss.

Megaforce themselves issues a statedment saying "Marsha was one of a kind and taught the world to be fiercely independent."

Marsha, Jon and Megaforce gave Metallica their big break, and looking back now, where would Metallica and the heavy metal scene in general be without her?

Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich remembered "an incredibly selfless matriarch" and stated the band would be "forever grateful for the impact you had on our lives."

The tributes and memories flowed freely into yesterday evening with the heavy metal community uniting to remember and celebrate the life of Marsha.

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