E.P. Review: Sea Mosquito – Fire, Magic & Venom

E.P. Review: Sea Mosquito - Fire, Magic & Venom
Reviewed by Paul Hutchings

Shrouded in mystery, the line up of London atmospheric black metal outfit Sea Mosquito is credited as Fas – Spirit, Nuun - Voice with guest saxophone by Kevon Scott. ‘Fire, Magic & Venom’ is the band’s fifth E.P. It’s a supernatural rollercoaster, comprising a single track which weaves, shimmers and bludgeons its way through 25 minutes.

E.P. Review: Sea Mosquito - Fire, Magic & Venom

All enveloping, the shrouded mists that form through the sonic soundscapes that knit around the listener transport you far away. Elements of ethereal ambience contrast with walls of tremolo riffing, blast beats and darkened guttural throat. Scott’s solo saxophone parts breach the fortress walls, bursts of bright light shining through. Imagery pours forth, the track snaking and oozing with melancholic passages.

‘Fire, Magic & Venom’ strays far from the orthodox black metal pathways. Indeed, the avant garde nature of the music is defiant in its diverse extremity. Whether it will appeal to the masses is not a question I imagine the duo will be concerned about. Signed to Onism Productions, a label specialising in unique and creative black metal talent. Initially released via cassette only, with a vinyl release planned later in the year, Sea Mosquito have released a piece of work to challenge and cajole.

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