E.P. Review: Vriess – Vriess

E.P. Review: Vriess - Vriess
Reviewed by Paul Hutchings

Named after the paraplegic in Alien IV, the latest release in the Xenokorp Militia series sees the debut E.P. from Vriess, which comprises Greg and Chris from Project for Bastards, drummer Kévin Paradis (Benighted, Mithridatic) and bassist Linus Klausenitzer (Alkaloid, Ex-Obscura).

E.P. Review: Vriess - Vriess

It’s a short 17-minute affair, explosive in a way that a stray match at a munition’s depot might be explosive. The grand intro to ‘Chapter I: The Fight’ quickly segues into an absolute ball breaking eruption with Paradis demonstrating why he is one of the most impressive drummers in the death metal scene. His fills and rolls are something else whilst the hammering blastbeats are hitting extraordinary speeds throughout. The vocals are harsh, incredibly harsh. A bit like the aural equivalent of scraping your knuckles with wire wool. Alongside this the technicality delivered by guitarist Greg and the massive driving power of Klausenitzer. Greg’s screaming solos rage like out-of-control forest fires whilst the riffage he supplies simply level.

Carved in five chapters, Vriess combine the darkest elements of thrash with a brutality spawned from the deepest recesses of the death metal movement. It’s full on, and mixes grooved soaked and heavy riffs with a voracity that suggests cannot be sated. Although some of the tracks had formed over a decade before, the intensity is born out of pandemic frustration. It’s like being hit with a steamroller, albeit one that travels at a much greater speed. It’s vicious, feral, and relentless. If you fancy the extreme, then get stuck into this E.P. You may not be the same the other side, but it should be a ride to savour.

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