EP Review: Severe Torture – Fisting The Sockets

EP Review: Severe Torture – Fisting The Sockets
Reviewed by Daniel Phipps

Since forming in 1997 Severe Torture spent thirteen years many of which was during what I consider death metals peak period (94-04) being one of the top brutal death metal acts from Europe. This involved records on labels such as Metal Blade and Earache with the last of these records being released during 2010. Since 2010 the band seemed to have gone quiet until 2022 which see’s the band return with a new EP Fisting the Sockets.

After 12 years absence how were Severe Torture going to come out with this new EP? Following its melodic opening (I did not think I would write those words for a track called 'Fisting the Sockets'”) the Dutch vets unleash a furious display of old school brutality which sounds as fresh as it did during the early part of the 21st century with their monster records 'Feasting on Blood' & 'Misanthropic Carnage' but with a slightly more modern tweak on the sound.

EP Review: Severe Torture - Fisting The Sockets

Now before you go and get worried that tweak is purely minor and Fisting The Sockets is not some over produced release which loses all the atmosphere it’s an unbelievably ruthless record. The riff structure is really meaty and the solos and lead work is also really nicely placed within the structure of the tracks, at times bringing it down to go straight back to that furious brutality. The drums are full of life and pack a massive punch, but importantly sit nicely within the mix as to not take over what you are hearing. The EP’s middle track 'Entangled by Hate' showcases the most aggressive aspects of this EP and see’s Severe Torture rip through the track with their most ferocious riffs and intense vocals. This track is my favourite on this release without a doubt.

It may only be 3 tracks but if this is a prelude to more new Severe Torture material then it has certainly whet my appetite and will be keeping an eye out for hopefully a full length follow up and soon.

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