Ruled By Raptors – The Songs That Influenced Their Sound!

Ruled By Raptors - The Songs That Influenced Their Sound!

RULED BY RAPTORS will release their outstanding new EP, Silent Sound, on Friday 15th July. The highly praised post-hardcore quartet will also unveil a new single and video, Cleftones, in tandem with the EP on Friday 15th July.

For now, check out their last single, Dance of Wolves:

With all of this in mind, we exclusively asked the band to offer up the tracks that have most influenced their sound:

Biffy Clyro - Bodies In Flight:

Anyone who has heard us can probably tell that Biffy is a major collective influence on us. We’ve all been fans since their early days and we love the way they delegate and layer their vocals, the sharp left-turns their songs can take, and the fact they can make such complex music so catchy and fun. Their influence permeates throughout this entire EP.

Deftones – Hexagram:

We could’ve picked from a dozen Deftones tracks, but we went with Hexagram. The heaviness and how hard they can sit on a groove, and just pull it to pieces a bar later is something we adore. In fact, our producer Romesh highlighted their influence on our song Waves straight away when we showed him the demos for this EP!

Enter Shikari – Solidarity

We’re all massive Enter Shikari fans, so it was inevitable that they would bleed into what we create. The politically charged lyrics, the layers and creativity of the guitar parts to serve as more synth like arpeggios, among all the other synth layers and chaos, really stuck with us, Matt especially. We’ve also had numerous people highlight the Shikari-esque vocals in the verses of Waves.

Reuben - A Kick In The Mouth

Big stinkin’ riffs and catchy choruses. We’ve always been attracted to the intersection between heavy alternative music and mosh-friendly choruses, and Reuben have a big part to play in that, alongside frontman Jamie Lenman’s solo material. Our first EP is littered in Reuben-isms, and you can hear some of that on Cleftones on our new EP too.

At the Drive-In – Arcarsenal

ATDI taught us you don’t you have to be in tune, or on the stage at all, to be absolutely killer. They were notorious as a live band and were a major player in laying the foundation for post hardcore bands. The whole of Relationship in Command’s frenetic energy is a massive source of inspiration for us, in the studio and in our live performances.

Jimmy Eat World - Goodbye Sky Harbour:

Jimmy are a big influence on us that might not immediately seem obvious, but especially their earlier stuff can crop up in our sound when you least expect it. We even did a Jimmy Eat World cover set for charity a little while back! The way this track builds and layers on top of itself so beautifully inspired us. You can hear the influence of this in the middle of Oxy’s Moron on our new EP as well as in the glockenspiels and synths we added to the latter half of our most recent single, Dance of Wolves.”

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