Bloodstock 2022: Ferocious Dog Interview

Bloodstock 2022: Ferocious Dog Interview

Ferocious Dog on this years Bloodstock bill highlight just how diverse the festival now is. A few hours prior to their set we caught up with the band to talk about their inclusion on the Bloodstock bill, plans for the future and more.

The Razor's Edge: It’s day three of Bloodstock, Cat from The Razor’s Edge here with Ferocious Dog, how are you guys?

Ferocious Dog: We’re very well thank you.

The Razor's Edge: How are you feeling?

Ferocious Dog: HOT! [laughs]

The Razor's Edge: Looking forward to playing on the Sophie stage later today?

Ferocious Dog: Defiantly!

The Razor's Edge: You’ve got six or seven hours until your set and no one is clashing with you. Are you expecting a big crowd?

Ferocious Dog: Hopefully, lots of fun yeah!

The Razor's Edge: You’re not the usual Bloodstock fare, but there’ll be a lot of fans here anyway. There’s a lot of genre cross over at Bloodstock these days.

Ferocious Dog: Yeah I’ve seen a few t-shirts and things around today.

The Razor's Edge: Brilliant, usually Bloodstock is at the more extreme end of things, so its nice to see different things coming in as we’re all eclectic and we all appreciate different genres.

Ferocious Dog: All festivals are doing it now, Download’s been doing it for years hasn’t it.

The Razor's Edge: I think at time we can be too busy pigeonholing and that just doesn't work anymore. Long gone are those days where you've got to sit in one little defined sphere.

Ferocious Dog: Yeah, exactly. We've just done Hellfest!

The Razor's Edge: And how was that? Hot?

Ferocious Dog: It was amazing and yeah hot! [laughs] They had Dropkick Murphy’s and The Offspring mixing it up a bit.

The Razor's Edge: Are you going to catch any other bands today. Is there anyone that takes your fancy on the bill?

Ferocious Dog: I’ve not heard of most of them to be honest, it’s not really my scene. But I've been walking around, listening in and stuff.

The Razor's Edge: It’s the atmosphere as well for a lot of people. Seeing people again, especially after those last couple of years, it's nice just getting together.

Ferocious Dog: Exactly.

The Razor's Edge: You guys have been around for quite some time now, one of the more well established bands.

Ferocious Dog: Ten years properly, yeah.

The Razor's Edge: When can we hear some new stuff because obviously some of our readers won't have heard of you before and they'll be looking to check you out

Ferocious Dog: We released one last October, it made it to the charts and stuff too. All our music is on Spotify and iTunes and everything like that and on our website you can buy them on vinyl or whatever. We’re looking to release our next one in February 2024, but we’ve got five or six albums out there already.

The Razor's Edge: What’s planned after Bloodstock? Have you got more summer dates or autumn tours coming up?

Ferocious Dog: We’ve got a tour coming up with Flogging Molly, we’ve just been out in Europe with them and it went really well. We’re in Manchester, London, Birmingham and Dublin with them next week.

The Razor's Edge: How does the European crowd compare to the UK one?

Ferocious Dog: I think they are more lively to be honest.

The Razor's Edge: So back to Bloodstock what can we expect from your set tonight?

Ferocious Dog: Lots of energy! Hopefully the crowd will feel that and get into us, we’ll enjoy it and we’re looking forward to it.

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