Album Review: Exhumed – To The Dead

Album Review: Exhumed - To The Dead
Reviewed by Rick Eaglestone

Pioneers of blood-soaked gore metal Exhumed return with a new album To The Dead.

Exhumed need no introduction, and even if I wanted to, I am completely blind sighted but the sheer obliteration that takes place in opening track ‘Putrescine and Cadaverine’ it is laden with soul splitting solos interweaved with skull splitting drums and blood curling vocals.

Highlight track for me is an early one, ‘Drained Of Color’ starts of with a real OSDM vibe with a great chugging bassline which quickly develops into more of chaotic nature of the previous track, this is then followed by the short, swift, and guaranteed circle pit starting ‘Carbonized’.

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The slow brooding ‘Rank and Defiled’ captures perfectly as to why Exhumed are held in such regard, the guitar parts alongside its catchy chorus make for a great addition. This is paired with a new level of speed and honestly ‘Lurid, Shocking and Vile will honestly get your blood pumping that much you will not need any extra stimulant for the day.

The album continues at breakneck speed, firing through ‘Undertaking the Overkilled’ & ‘Necrotica,’ into ‘No Headstone Unturned’ leaving the listener a pile of bones at this point. ‘Defecated’ & ‘Disgusted’ complete the album, going in for the sole purpose to melt the listeners ear canal just like Sammi Curr in Trick or Treat.

"To The Dead is a destination," EXHUMED mastermind Matt Harvey says. "A rotting world populated by the grotesquely twisted truths of our waking world and the decaying fallout of our most deranged ambitions. But it's also a title that evokes a celebration of, and an invitation into the gore-soaked world of EXHUMED."

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