Album Review: Jade – The Pacification Of Death

Album Review: Jade - The Pacification Of Death
Reviewed by Neil Bolton

A bit of melodic death doom you say ? Ok then, here we go!

A gloomy windswept intro leads us tentatively down towards the dark path to the gates of this album. A soaring guitar melody haunts the music as it begins, followed by the gruff death vocals of the bassist/vocalist J. A riff soon follows the roar joined then by clean vocals, mixing well with the death growl from before. This mix of vocals is excellent, it’s dark, it’s menacing and it’s evil. The music is as promised, magnificent melodic death metal. Drums roll along giving a perfect bed for the two types of vocals to sit upon. 'The Pacification of Death' is a powerful monstrous opening title track.

The second track proves instantly that weight is not exclusive to the opening number. A similar combination of the two vocal styles is still prominent, and enjoyable, in 'Dragged Fears & Drowned Bones'. The haunting clean approach adds a ghostly feel to the demonic coarse style vocal delivery. The music is heavy, riffy, and good.

Album Review: Jade - The Pacification Of Death

This vibe is continued into the next track. A faster thrashy black metal guitar now drops in to shake and blacken the atmosphere a little more. The tone of 'Emanation of Decay' is a little more aggressive but still contains all the atmosphere you would hope and expect from a band of this type. Sometimes expectations can leave you feeling a little flat when it come down to the nitty gritty, but not here, not with Jade and this debut.
The international three piece named J. M. and A. have mastered their craft already.

'The Pacification of Death' drips with an evil and power that never seeps away. The songs are lengthy with a lot to digest in several listens. The cleaner vocal delivery occasionally reminds of the style of doom lords Conan, with the vocal sound acting as a screamed battle call or instruction. This album manages to display all the grimness of death metal while creating an enjoyable atmosphere bringing the listener back for more and more of this debut release.

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