Album Review: Kampfar – Til Klovers Takt

Album Review: Kampfar - Til Klovers Takt
Reviewed by Richard Oliver

Kampfar have been one of the most reliably excellent black metal bands to emerge from Norway and with their ninth album Til Klovers Takt they continue their streak of excellent releases that began with their first album Mellom Skogkledde Aaser way back in 1997.  Kampfar have always had a big Pagan influence both lyrically and in their sound and whilst there is less of a Pagan influence in the band's sound compared to their early material it still permeates into their lyrics and imagery (as can be seen in the stunning artwork for this album).

Til Klovers Takt is a continuation of what Kampfar have been doing on their last few releases with a black metal sound that is equal parts furious, atmospheric and melodic.  The melody that can be found in Kampfar’s sound is subtle and never overbearing and the melodic parts sound as malevolent as can be.

Album Review: Kampfar - Til Klovers Takt

Kampfar have an uncanny knack of mixing a pitch black atmosphere with venomous aggression as can be heard in songs such as Urkraft, Rekviem and Dødens aperitiff which have a very progressive feel to the songwriting and the songs feel like they take you a journey into dark and evil realms.  Flammen fra Nord is the most aggressive song on the album erupting forth with chaos and violence though this is a song that also progresses with atmosphere and melody throughout its six minute duration before returning to the carnage that opened the song.

If you have enjoyed the direction that Kampfar have taken since the Profan album then there is no doubt that you will enjoy this album and it is a continuation of the sound and feel started with that album.  If you have never listened to Kampfar then this album is a good jumping on point.  A compelling mix of dark atmospheres and furious aggression, this is Kampfar not offering any surprises but continuing to excel at the sound and style they have created for themselves.

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