Album Review: Garota – Czarne Wizje

Album Review: Garota - Czarne Wizje
Reviewed by Paul Hutchings

With an album title that translates to ‘Black Visions’, it’s not a surprise to discover that Garota is a blackened thrash metal outfit. The three-piece go by the rather laughable names of Asbiel on vocals and guitars, Sid Fetishious on bass and drummer Witchfucker. Once you’ve got past that, what spews forth from the speakers is anything but ridiculous, for in 34 minutes the Polish trio unleash a cacophony of ferocity that is most definitely born in Hell.

The band whose first EP ‘Najasrtarszy Zawód świata’ was released in 2021, favour the explosive, aggressive, and the bruising approach. It’s a maelstrom of noise, rage, and feral viciousness that is laced with a raw violence that bands such as Midnight, Destroyer 666 and Hellripper have made their own.

Album Review: Garota - Czarne Wizje

Songs have Polish titles, and as far as I can make out, Garota have taken the choice to sing in their native language. There’s no doubting the sheer passion and intensity that they have crafted. The music is fast, the vocals snarl, and it’s all tremolo riffing and blast beats. From the opening burst of ‘W Oczach Diabła’ (In the Devil’s Eyes) it’s clear that this is a demonic, dark, satanic themed release. Songs such as ‘Płomień Przykrywa Niebo’ (Flame Covers the Sky), ‘Eden Płonie’ (Eden is Burning) and ‘Oczy Golgoty’ (Golgotha’s Eyes)leave little to the imagination. This is visceral stuff.

If you like your metal on the blackened thrash side, then I’m pretty sure that this will be one that you’ll be interested in checking out. The intensity is relentless, and whilst it’s a little repetitive in format, Garota do bring plenty to the blackened altar. Feisty, ferocious, and with unpredictability that provides an air of danger, ‘Czarne Wizje’ with its rampaging riffage and sheer brutality is a debut album of some weight.

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