Album Review: Jesus Piece – …So Unknown

Album Review: Jesus Piece - ...So Unknown
Reviewed by Daniel Phipps

Jesus Piece the PA hardcore sensation are back with a new record and even if you are not necessarily into hardcore unless you have been living under a rock over the last 5 years you will have heard the name at some point. Maybe you saw the viral video clip of their chaotic appearance at This is Hardcore a few years back, maybe you saw the name and were robbed of seeing them when the planned tour with Everytime I Die fell through. Well you are now about to get fully introduced to the band. Following from the Southern Lord debut record “Only Self” which was hands down my album of the year in 2018 the band have now inked a deal with Century Media and …So Unknown is the outcome of this union.

…So Unknown is a volatile and violent slab of metallic hardcore with its backbone being made of pure rage. It’s easy to sound heavy but Jesus Piece offers as pure and honest representation of heavy as you will find within hardcore. The creativity is another really enjoyable and important element of the album, as it offers sections of quite sporadic writing which mesh into a more straight up metallic hardcore structure and mesh seamlessly before launching into chunky grooves and crushing breakdowns, all being topped off with vocals which channel nothing short of pure rage, and all without the hint of losing any of the power that comes through with the vocal performance on the record.

Album Review: Jesus Piece - ...So Unknown

The guitars themselves pack a real kick as the riffs just cut through the mix and indent themselves into your ears and the drums and bass do everything apart from physically assault you as they really pop throughout the record especially when Jesus Piece showcases the grooves within the record. The 10 tracks are done in around 28 minutes and the time just flies by, it really is an enjoyable collection of tracks.

In short Jesse Piece has delivered another high octane audio battery of an album. It’s viciously heavy and packed full of a true and honest rage all throughout. If Only Self did not catch your attention, then the only way this new collection of tracks does not grab you, would be if you were deaf. Absolutely top notch record, which will catapult the band into another level of popularity.

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